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OFFER: SheCAN Biz Listing For BLACK/ BIPOC Female Founders

OFFER: SheCAN Biz Listing For BLACK/ BIPOC Female Founders

Why list in the SheCAN Biz

  1. Be discovered: Maximise your visibility to reach prospective clients/customers is essential in growing your business network. Online Directories put you in front of potential customers FAST.
  2. SEO: In the Google age getting listed in online business directories means you get the links to help boost your rankings. With the SheCAN Biz you also get the added benefit of an audience that matches your customer base.
  3. Why are we charging £89.99?: As Covid-19 has hit most business especially Black businesses we want to make this offer as affordable as possible.
  4. Who can sign up?: The SheCan Biz directory is for women led businesses who are of  Asian diasporas heritage (East, West, South, South-East and Central) and African diaspora (Caribbean, African).

Checklist for Listing

Follow the checklist below to make sure that your listings work for you and generate the widest possible reach for mobile and local internet searches.

  • Ensure your info is consistent. Check to confirm that your business’s name, address and phone number are the same on every listing.
  • Add a 100 word company description. Make your brand shine with a great description. Highlight your company’s history and product or service offering.
  • Include a link to your website. One of the greatest strengths of your local online profiles is the link to your business’s site. This has the potential to drive traffic to your website. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, or you could lose visitors fast.
  • Include secondary business information.  Be sure to include items like opening hours if retails for example, social media and public contact info like phone number and email.
  • Pictures . Please email high res images with your business name to editor @alt -africa. com. We welcome a head shot and product image. The print edition will contain 1 image. The online listing be able to accommodate 5 images.

Standard Listing Plan: sign up:

What you get?


Box listing in 3 issues of the print edition of ALT A REVIEW price £89.99. Reach 100K plus across the UK. The May Edition will be in 66 supermarkets across the UK. Don’t miss out as this would be only for the first 50 businesses to sign up.

Premium (call for price)

Get more control with a powerful half -page ad in the print edition of ALT A REVIEW. If you are a Black/Asian business/self-employed/ freelance we can offer you a first time discount. If interested drop us a line here . We are a global platform you don’t have to have an online presence.

Standard Listing SheCAN Biz

Please fill in the form then make payment. You are paying for the listing for print and online

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