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SheCAN: Wall Art from Black Female Artists You’ll LOVE

SheCAN: Wall Art from Black Female Artists You’ll LOVE

We created a directory of Black-owned home decor brands — just a small list that we hope to keep growing. We invite you to share with furniture or decor brands owned by POC to add them to our directory.

Support Black artists from these online art marketplaces that have something for every budget, including prints, paintings, sculptures, and more.

Sourced from all over the world, these women challenge society through their art, often drawing inspiration from their communities and the experiences of women of colour to lift them up and shine a light on their narratives. So, if you’re looking to decorate your walls with something new, we suggest checking these brilliant women out.

Decorate your walls with a diverse range of artists and illustrators, starting with these incredibly talented women.

Tactile Matter

Kenesha Sneed is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and Creative Director—whose work speaks to empowerment, the Black female experience, with a balance of purposeful colour and forms.

This Los Angeles native—who creates objects and textiles under the name Tactile Matter, will be releasing her forthcoming children’s book Many Shapes of Clay, in Spring 2021— written and illustrated by Kenesha, published by Prestel Publishing, Random House.

Find selected works and commissions over at Kenesha Sneed personal website.

Line & Honey

Line & Honey is a slow, intentional illustration studio focused on visibility, wellness and representation.

Line & honey is an illustration studio focused on minimal, mindful design and black women. Line & honey make art prints for the home, work extensively across brands to design and illustration visual branding, and also create hand printed textiles.

“a visual interlude…”

Line & Honey illustration prints aim to bring soothing pieces into your living space that shed light on the softer, more reflective sides of women of colour in luxurious interiors – celebrating the versions of us not often seen.

Shop and support the full illustration of Line & Honey collection here.

About the founder|Amberlee Green

Amberlee is a Mental Health Adviser, Illustrator and Lecturer in London. Following postgraduate study in the UCL Division of Psychiatry, her career centres around mental health promotion and awareness in academia. She also currently lectures in Cultural and Historical Studies, and delivers workshops focused on the intersection between representation and creativity.

Of Jamaican heritage, her illustration practice is inspired by her day-to-day work, rooted in identity, wellbeing and the depiction of black women in soft, reflective moments. She facilitates lectures & workshops at various HE institutions on topics such as using recovery in illustration, intersectionality in art and how to balance personal narratives in the creative space.

Charlotte Edey | Artist and Illustrator

Charlotte Edey is a British artist and illustrator. Her work is primarily concerned with contemporary issues of selfhood. Cultural signifiers and personal mythologies inform ongoing narratives through a process of world-building.

The politics of space are explored through the lens of identity; how the intersections of identities both shape our interior landscapes and define the structuring that we navigate externally.

Her imagined realms are peppered with symbolist motifs that connote the body politic, magic, the erotic, biracialism and gender.

Her process combines tapestry, embroidery and sculptural walnut as an expansion of her drawing practice. This journey between dimensions from her works on paper – what is added, altered and even removed by these multiple processes – creates a layered complexity in both material and theme.

Her work has been featured in Artsy, Creative Review, Financial Times, Dezeen, Elephant, Wallpaper, It’s Nice That, Dazed, Elle, AnOther Magazine, Vanity Fair & more.

Check out more of Charlotte Edey’s print, tapestry and ceramic work here.

See Also

Uzo Art

Uzo Njoku (b. 1996) is a versatile visual artist well known for her mesmerizing motifs used in her pattern making. The artist utilizes her hypnotizing pattern making in her apparel production and a vast array of products which she daringly creates.

Her colourful paintings which majorly depict melanin figures in different forms portray them in various contexts of beauty all while incorporating her beautiful patterns in the paintings to create contrast and depth.

Njoku was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to the United States at the age of 7. She received a B.A in Studio Art from the University of Virginia and is currently an MFA Candidate at the New York Academy of Art.

See more from the artist Uzo Njoku here.


Lina Iris Viktor is a Liberian-British conceptual artist, painter, and performance artist. She lives and works itinerantly between Italy and London.

The multi-disciplinary approach to her work, which weaves disparate materials and methods belonging both to contemporary and ancient art forms calls into question the nature of time and being. Her works are a merging of painting, sculpture, performance, and photography, along with the practice of water gilding with 24-karat gold to create increasingly dark canvases embedded with “layers of light”.

Viktor regards these dark canvases to be “light-works”. Each provoke a philosophical commentary through material that at once addresses the infinite and the finite, immortality and mortality, the microcosm and macrocosm, in addition to the socio-political and historical preconceptions surrounding ‘blackness’ and its universal implications.

Viktor’s practice is informed by a background in film which she studied at Sarah Lawrence College, and her continued studies within photography at The School of Visual Arts, along with an early education in performance arts. Within her oeuvre Viktor creates her own linguistic & visual mythology — “[a] notion of unruly visual pleasure as a politics for refusal.”

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