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Alt A Review is a print publication that was launched in April 2018 creating a progressive platform for the creative industries celebrating diversity and inclusion.

This is the beginning of a new era in publishing aimed at the well-heeled media consumer,  presenting a unique cultural lens to the arts.

Alt A Review as a quarterly premier newspaper is fast becoming the mouthpiece of the UK creative  community through the projection of first-class editorial happenings within the ever-evolving diverse arts fraternity.

Our role is to harness and celebrate the evolution of creatives and creative enterprise today.

We exist to bring you the entertainment you love to enjoy the UK you love! And as we continue moving into each year, we plan to help you navigate a wider landscape taking you to ‘London and Beyond’, a section that focuses on bespoke global events mapping the art and entertainment scene of the African diaspora.

Within two short years we are championing our competition by presenting an impeccable showcase and connection with the A List in the UK and globally, with a strong focus on UK.

Throwing light on underrepresented voices.

The result a bespoke arts and culture events online and print magazine bringing you the arts” through a unique cultural lens. Our small team comprise of journalists, communications experts, writers, sales and development.

In a short time since launching we have a sizable number of content partners that bring us that personalized touch to well researched and executed journalism “championing entertainment that champions diversity”.

Travel with us as we begin this journey……


JOY; Publisher/Founding Editor 
Prior to this adventure Joy has worked in both corporate and arts Marketing and Public Relations, coming to the table with 18 years plus experience of brand management, PR, Marketing and Events Management and creation.

Joy Publisher/Founder

As a Communications Consultant she gives comms advice to the Black Cultural Archives, recently curating their first film festival in 2019. In addition she works as a freelance Brand Consultant for varied small to mid size enterprises. Get in touch with the editor to be cover your event: for brand endorsement or for partnerships and sponsorship.

ADEOLA; Editorial Support /Art and Film Reviewer
Adela is an art historian and freelance writer with a focus on global contemporary art and the art market. She holds a BA in Culture, Criticism and Curation from Central Saint Martins, she is also a Graduate Trainee at Sotheby’s.  Here is a link to a recent piece of writing.

MAGGIE; Operations and partnerships
Maggie supports the business function, she is also as part of her role committed to works on the partnerships and events.

ADAORA; reviews & editorial
Adaora is a dedicated 2018 Intern, she adds her passion and knowledge to  writing reviews and has done editorial research.

Would you like to get involved? We welcome your enquiry, we are actively looking for volunteers.
Read more here. 

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We are an independent journalism platform supporting diversity and inclusion in the arts. We are a female led publisher and as we do not have a paywall to read our platform, we are looking at ways to fundraise in 2019, so for as little £10 you can help us to remain independent and highlight the immense talent in the creative industries in the capital and beyond… Your donation will go towards helping a very small hardworking skilled team, who are punching high to create important content. Imagine what we could do with your help! We welcome all donations and are setting up ways for monthly, yearly support. Get in touch if you would like to support or even sponsor us in any way.


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