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She Speaks… #BlackLivesMatter | POW TV hosted by Dawn Butler MP: Watch here

She Speaks… #BlackLivesMatter | POW TV hosted by Dawn Butler MP: Watch here

This new powerful fly on the wall “in conversation”  series brings 6 women speaking together and discuss the current climate with #blacklivesmatter  from a female perspective.

The women talk about the lack of racial equality of black lives in terms of housing employment, policing, education and health care system. But It’s more comprehensive than just the criminal justice system and policing. It’s bigger than that for most it’s having no faith in the system.

It’s raw, at times emotional, brutally straight talking; but looking for a solution as mothers, employers, employees, public figures and professionals. 

“Change begins at home as women, this is a big responsibility; their approach is crucial” Rosemary Reed, Creator POWtv.

The first episode was filmed digitally in a webinar format via Zoom and guests were; 

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Baroness Helena Kennedy, Trisha Goodard, Dawn Butler MP, Benicia Boeteng, Lady Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Adele Roberts, Cynthia Garrett, Rosemary Reed and Paulette Garricks. 

The first episode was on the 19th June at 5pm streamed live by POWTV’s YouTube channel and insta live with the plan to educate and progress the conversation. It will be followed by 6 more episodes also hosted by Dawn Butler MP and a guest host which will bring 5 more multiracial powerful women to the table. They also will be discussing their personal experiences, strengths and hopes for the youth of today and their own encounters with such prejudices.

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