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Jenn Nkiru on Jarman Award 2020 shortlist

Jenn Nkiru on Jarman Award 2020 shortlist

The annual Award is inspired by visionary filmmaker Derek Jarman and presented by Film London in association with Channel 4 and the Whitechapel Gallery. Any mid-career artist filmmaker whose work embraces the spirit and the legacy of Jarman’s highly experimental and risk-taking approach can be put forward. The shortlisted artists’ work includes a two-channel Arabic language science-fiction film shot in black and white and a Jarmanesque exploration of gender set in an Art Deco Blackpool cabaret. Feature-length films tell the stories of London’s marginalised underworld characters whilst mesmerising collages combine archival analogue film stock with digital media to explore the history of Black techno music. Innovative collaborative films reveal the experience of autism and identity whilst other works re-stage politically problematic scenes from early 20th Century British and Hollywood studio films.

The winner receives £10,000 prize money.

See the shortlisted artists for 2019 below. The Award will be announced in November.

Past winners of the award are Oreet Ashery (2017), Heather Phillipson (2016), Seamus Harahan (2015)  Ursula Mayer (2014), John Smith (2013), James Richards (2012), Anya Kirschner & David Panos (2011), Emily Wardill (2010), Lindsay Seers (2009) and Luke Fowler (2008).

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The six artists who are in contention for the 13th Film London Jarman Award. They are:
Michelle Williams Gamaker
Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings
Jenn Nkiru
Larissa Sansour
Project Art Works
Andrea Luka Zimmerman
The Award will be announced on 24 November.

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