Open City Documentary Festival Tickets on Sale now 4th- 10th Sept

Open City Documentary Festival creates an open space in London to nurture and champion the art of creative documentary and non-fiction filmmakers. Image credit: Still Elections Director Alice Riff (2018).

Programme highlights

  • Sheffield Documentary Festival Grand Jury Award winner, Midnight family explores the corrupt world of privately run ambulances in Mexico.
  • Documentary filmmaker Lucy Parker uncovers a nationwide conspiracy of workplace blacklisting in Solidarity.
  • Key figure in China’s documentary landscape – Zhao Liang will have a retrospective of his work shown including Petition, Crime & Punishment and Paper Airplane.
  • Here for Life observes a commune-esque group living in London as they blend fiction and reality into their daily lives.
  • 53% female-identifying directors presenting new work in this year’s film programme.

Part of the festival’s special events series, Sunday Listening Session will present an afternoon of attentive listening and conversation, delving into the history of Hackney’s Total Refreshment Centre.

The film programme includes 3 World Premieres, 1 International Premiere, 2 European premieres, and 27 UK Premieres; and films from 31 countries. BOOK TICKETS BOOK TICKETS

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