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Review- Salt at the Royal Court Theatre: An Open Wound in a Salty Sea

Review- Salt at the Royal Court Theatre: An Open Wound in a Salty Sea

“Salt.” is a fascinating, autobiographical monologue written by Selina Thompson, an artist and writer whose work is well-known worldwide for its intimate, political and sociological emphasis, which very often leads to provocative and visual works.

“Salt.” tells the story of Selina’s struggle to grief both past and contemporary racism. In 2016, two young black, female-artists (a videographer and Selina herself) retraced a route of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – Europe, Africa and the Caribbean – which propelled many questions (and grief) around human cruelty, personal identity and the diaspora. While suffering from distressful episodes due to their skin colour and gender, Selina and her travel partner desperately attempted to find the notion of home, family and definitely, relieve. “Salt.” is what they brought back.

Impeccably delivered by Rochelle Rose, (The Woman), the show is indeed a highly visual work that seeks to share a powerful story with great ambition, authenticity and originality. By the regnant use of light, movement, sound and word, the 75 min monologue presents a perfect staging and design. Furthermore, Rochelle Rose becomes Selina while sharing this story of black British identity, engaging with the audience exceptionally well.

“Salt.” is about the slave trade, racism and marginalisation: it is like an open wound in a salty sea, a fearless request to remember, to grief, to live and let live.

First performed by Selina Thompson at the Southbank Centre (London SE1 8XX) in July 2017, it was re-staged in many venues and intended for the Edinburgh Festival in 2017. Since then, it has toured to four continents and won three awards. Salt was on at the Royal Court Theatre this May 2019.

Do NOT miss “Salt.”: keep an eye for future dates here.

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Writer: Selina Thompson; Director: Dawn Walton; Designer: Katherina Radeva; Producer: Emma Beverley; Cast: Rochelle Rose (The Woman)


Selina Thompson Ltd is an interdisciplinary company founded in 2012 and that currently consists of Selina Thompson, Rachel Rogers and Toni-Dee Paul, supported by a team of collaborators and the board. Specialised in theatre shows, installations, workshop plans, radio works, and performance spaces across the UK and the world, the company already reaches over 12,000 people: “We make passionate, rigorous, political work, full of joy, but with a clear focus on those excluded by society at large”. To visit their official website, follow the link.