Arcola Theatre: Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

“He that loves pleasure must for pleasure fall”

An unquenchable desire for fame drives Faustus to learn the magic of the dark arts. He summons the demon Mephistopheles using him to strike a deal with Lucifer – his soul for twenty-four years of infinite power. The cost of his worldwide notoriety is infinitely high as the damned hour approaches.

Tangle, South West England’s African Caribbean theatre company, interweave southern African-inspired music with electric performances from a trinity of actors, including #JoshuaLiburd (Dreamgirls), in this unique version of Christopher Marlowe’s classic. Directed by Anna Coombs.

Dates: 13- 17 March 2018 Where: Arcola Theatre  24 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL Tel: 020 7503 1646

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