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ALT picks 6 “BOLD” Films Nepal | Senegal: France, Korea & Canada: Toronto International Film Festival 2023 7-17 Sept

ALT picks 6 “BOLD” Films Nepal | Senegal: France, Korea & Canada: Toronto International Film Festival 2023 7-17 Sept

The 48th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival takes place Thursday, September 7—17, 2023 in Canada’s most vibrant and exciting metropolis, it has become one of the most important film events on the festival calendar.

Showcasing more than 300 films and hosting industryites from around the world, Toronto can “make or break” films looking for international distribution and a chance at Oscar gold. From glitzy red carpet premieres to challenging art films to cutting edge new media, the Festival offers something for every taste.

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Nepal: A Road to A Village Showing 11 and 13 September

This moving, insightful drama from director Nabin Subba delves deep into the dreams and struggles of a rural Nepali family when a road connects their once-remote village to the modern world — and introduces them to novelties both tantalizing and perilous.

Director: Nabin Subba
Nepal | 2023 | 106m | Nepali

South Korean Horror SLEEP, directed by Jason Yu

Magnet Releasing invites you to discover SLEEP, the visceral horror feature debut from writer- director Jason Yu, which had its world premiere as part of Cannes Critics’ Week (Semaine de la critique). Newlyweds Hyun-su (LEE Sun-kyun, PARASITE) and Soo-jin’s (JUNG Yu-mi) honeymoon phase is disrupted when seemingly out of nowhere, Hyun-su begins talking in his sleep. From then on, whenever he falls asleep, he seemingly transforms into someone else, with no recollection of what happened the night before. Despite sleep treatment, Hyun-su’s sleepwalking only intensifies, and Soo-Jin increasingly begins to feel that their young family may be in danger. SLEEP will have its North American debut as part of TIFF Midnight Madness.

Written and Directed by Jason Yu

Starring LEE Sun-kyun (PARASITE) and JUNG Yu-mi (TRAIN TO BUSAN) 

Genre: Horror

Run Time: 95 minutes

Language: Korean

Year: 2023

Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero Carlos López Estrada, Zac Manuel

Lil Nas Documentary image


September 10
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto

United States of America | 2023 | 95m | English

Gala Presentations

Watch superstar Lil Nas X transcend genres and defy expectations in this revealing, jubilant, and inspiring musical documentary. He conquered the pop music world with his first hit. He trampled the border between country and hip hop. And he invited absolutely everybody along on his big, bright, queer celebration of life as an industry baby. He’s not yet 25.

After the Fire (Avant que les Flammes ne s’éteignent)

Public Screening: Sunday 10th September @ 8:45PM – TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 3
Public Screening: Monday 11th September @ 2:10PM – Scotiabank 1

After the Fire Film Still

Director & Writer: Mehdi Fikri

About the Director: His past work includes a screenwriter credit for TV series Hippocrate by Thomas Lilti, and Miskina by Melha Bedia, as well as two directed shorts – one of which, Descente 4AM, screened at the 2021 Venice International Film Festival. After the Fire is his feature film debut.

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Starring: Camélia Jordana, Sofiane Zermani, Sofian Khammes, Sonia Faidi, Louise Coldefy, Makita Samba, Hammou Graïa, Shams Fikri Ben Boubaker, Samir Guesmi

Synopsis: Following the death of her younger brother during a police intervention, Malika embarks on a legal battle to ensure a trial takes place. However, her quest for truth jeopardizes the stability of her family.

Run Time: 96 minutes FRANCE

HAIR OR NO HAIR, Canadian Premiere @VIFF

Authenticity is a theme that is also carried through Hair or No Hair, the debut short for Vancouver-based writer/director Janessa St. Pierre. Based on her personal experience with Alopecia, Janessa shows us the quiet struggle that comes with hair loss and the erosion of self-confidence. Janessa not only wrote and directed this moving film, she also starred as the lead character, letting us into the deep emotional journey of breaking free of the shame she felt towards her baldness, and the power that comes from unapologetically being yourself. Janessa was awarded Best Actor at both the Micheaux Film Festival and the LA Shorts Film Festival.

Banel & Adama (Banel e Adama)

Ramata-Toulaye Sy


France, Senegal, Mali | 2023 | 87m | Pulaar


Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s tragic romance follows two lovers on a quest for self-possession in the face of tradition and against the terrestrial majesty of the Sahel.

Banel & Adama is the breathtaking debut feature from writer-director Ramata-Toulaye Sy, whose breakout short Astel (TIFF ’21) earned the Festival’s Share Her Journey award for emerging women filmmakers. Set against the terrestrial majesty of the Sahel, the film is a tragic romance following two young lovers as they strive for independence and self-possession in the face of imperious tradition.

Neither Senegal nor the rest of the world has known a love like Banel (Khady Mane) and Adama’s (Mamadou Diallo), each eager to begin their adult lives away from the stifling demands of their families and community.