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Quick Chat with “Kind Obi” Author Kamapala Chukwuka

Quick Chat with “Kind Obi” Author Kamapala Chukwuka

Chukwuka’s new book Kind Obi is available now on Amazon; a colourful story book which she has self-published as she sees the need for diverse children’s books with a black character lead. She has a desire to inspire black/brown boys and girls to love themselves and be confident. She wants to see more representation in children’s literature so that all children have a variety in what they read.

What inspired the book?
As a mum, I am passionate about teaching my kids about positive moral values. As an author I get to share this passion by promoting these values in my books. I already have 2 books promoting some of these values – confidence, love & patience. It made sense to write about KINDNESS given all that we are going through globally at the moment.

What do you want children to learn from the book?
My hope is that kids would learn through the examples in this book to be kinder, show compassion and love for others. I also hope that the message of accepting others and being inclusive shines through.

Why did you self-publish?
I only began writing children’s books so my boys could see themselves represented. The excitement of writing my first book and trying to publish it, had me knocking on many publishers’ doors. I was told by a publisher that there was not enough demand for books with diverse characters. If I wanted to sell copies of my book, I had to used European characters instead of diverse characters. This made me so determined to publish my books at all costs even if it meant going down the tough and tedious route that is self-publishing. I am in this to make a difference.

What are you planning next?
I hope to keep writing more books because where I can create diverse characters for children so that they can see themselves also.

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