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Joya Mooi announces new album, shares single ‘Roselle’

Joya Mooi announces new album, shares single ‘Roselle’

Modern R&B artist Joya Mooi has announced details of her fourth studio album, which is set to be released in two parts. Side A will drop on 30th September and Side B will follow in 2023, while the title is yet to be revealed. The announcement is accompanied by a new single named ‘Roselle’, produced by Sim Fane & SIROJ.

Fuelled by her desire to contribute to a more just future, Joya Mooi’s forthcoming album will delve into the theory of social change on both a political and personal level. Exploring themes of patterns, reflection, identity and spirituality, the project aims to spark change for the better, with Joya poised and ready to take the lead.

On new single ‘Roselle’, Joya Mooi finds inspiration in the roselle hibiscus flower which grows in parts of Africa, Asia, India, Australia and Latin America. It’s a luscious introduction to the forthcoming album and sets the tone for its meaningful intention, blending together soul, alternative R&B, jazz and a sprinkling of trap. Backed by an expansive instrumental selection and Joya’s angelic vocals, ‘Roselle’ is a heavenly slice of modern R&B that sparks a moment of tranquillity and reflection. It’s also supported by a striking video shot in South Africa; a place she draws great inspiration from due to her father’s heritage.

“Joya Mooi has an intense bond with her art. Someone who lets her life bleed through into the lyricism, Joya’s work is a hazy blend of Native Tongues hip-hop, loose-limbed jazz elements, and soulful R&B.” – CLASH

“Joya Mooi is no longer afraid to show her true colors” – i-D

“she’s a star in the making to say the least” – The Pit LDN

“the South African and Dutch songbird possesses a raw and unfiltered pensmith, an enchanting vocal range and a burning desire to morph the memories, inspiration, pain and joy running through her mind into pure sonic expression.” – New Wave Magazine

Speaking of ‘Roselle’ Joya Mooi explains – “Roselle is inspired by the roselle hibiscus flower – a celebration of cross-continental traditions, despite their painful origin. One plant (amongst many others) is part of the botanical legacy that connects the African Diaspora with the transatlantic slave trade. I think there’s something magical and interesting about these traditions that exist over 400 years, stemming from a horrendous past.”

Having grown up in Amsterdam, Joya Mooi’s music has often explored her South African roots and gives insight into the experiences of a new generation from the African diaspora. Notable projects ‘Ease of Others’ and ‘Blossom Carefully’ have embodied stories from her past and present, and in 2021 she released a string of forward-thinking releases which developed her sound even further. As she works towards the two-part album release with strong momentum – a wide range of support comes from BBC Radio 1Xtra, POLLEN Spotify playlist, Notion, Native Mag, Vogue NL and Okayplayer to name a few – she continues to prove she’s an artist of real substance with an authentic, purposeful agenda.

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Artwork by Marina Coenen

Press photo credit: Boris Lutters

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