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catch up on ITV hub: Omid Djalili talks about his Jubilee “partaking”

catch up on ITV hub: Omid Djalili talks about his Jubilee “partaking”

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration was broadcast live Sunday 15th May at 8pm, with HM The Queen in attendance.
Following in the footsteps of events taking place in the same location, include the Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee and 90th Birthday (for which the same production team as this year’s event won a BAFTA)
An all-star line up of British and international talent included Dame Helen Mirren, Tom Cruise, Damian Lewis, Omid Djalili, Adjoa Andoh, Gregory Porter, Martin Clunes, Keala Settle, Alan Titchmarsh and Katherine Jenkins. Omid brought his merriment to this important event. Here is talks about being a part of the Jubilee and more more before the big day.

How does it feel to be partaking in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee?

It is a huge honour to be asked. When a woman says 70 years ago that she’s
going to dedicate her life in service of her country and has stuck to her word, to
the letter, on a very human level to pay tribute to her in such a public way can
only be seen as a privilege.
Tell us about your role within the broadcast.
I play the role of the Herald, a kind of dramatic host who holds the whole show
You’re in great company alongside the event hosts – including Tom Cruise,
Alan Titmarsh, Damian Lewis and Adjoa Andoh- how does it feel to be
featured alongside such a stellar lineup?

I have no idea who any of these people are but if they are there for the same
reason that I am, then they must be spectacular human beings.
What does the British Monarchy mean to you?
Like the Queen herself they’re all just people. And it must be tremendously
challenging to be a symbol that means something to so many people, and have
to live up to the values of that system day in day out. And to live up to it so
publicly. I have a tremendous empathy for them all.
What do you think the Queen will enjoy most about the celebration?
The Queen as we know was a massive fan of horses. I did one of these shows
about 8 years ago and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy.
What other sections/acts are you most looking forward to?
The Yemeni Horseman are always a delight and spectacular to watch.
You must have met many famous faces over the years but is there anyone
on the line-up who you might be star-struck by/are looking forward to
seeing and why?

I haven’t but I’ve seen people behave very strangely around me, sometimes
screaming, shouting and collapsing in a heap and being carried away by security
crying & begging. Alternatively, they just come up to me and ask if they can have
a selfie with Stavros Flatley.
What makes Windsor such a special venue?
I’ve always been tickled by the fact that it’s also the Queen‘s home. And when an
event there is over she just gets into her car and drives 200 yards to her
Do you have any special memories of meeting the Queen?
At that last event I did in Windsor I was the only person in the line-up to meet
the Queen afterwards who did not have a tie. Someone urgently brought over a
pink tie begging me to wear it but as it would have incurred a horrendous colour
clash, I refused. When she came over to shake hands she looked at my bare neck
and looked back up to me. She then made the most brilliant face with a smile
that I could ever have hoped for or expected. It was a hilarious moment between
the two of us which passed off silently only with looks. I’ll never forget it.

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