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Finding Abraham – Now Available To Stream Worldwide

Finding Abraham – Now Available To Stream Worldwide

Jacob Films today announces that Malcom Green’s critically acclaimed short film FINDING ABRAHAM is now free to stream globally on

FINDING ABRAHAM is a wild and fast paced documentary following a group of young Arabs and Israelis on a road trip through Israel in the light of the historic Abraham Accords. FINDING ABRAHAM features a wide range of voices including Palestinian workers and volunteers, soccer coaches bridging the Jewish-Arab divide, scientists at the Dangoor Centre, Ethiopian immigrants struggling to integrate, members of the large Israeli LGBTQ+ community and many more as part of its kaleidoscopic look at issues affecting Middle Eastern youth.

FINDING ABRAHAM has been praised across the globe with accolades from the Paris Cinema Awards, Cannes World Film Festival, New York Independent Cinema Awards, Amsterdam Short Film Festival and Tokyo Film Festival to name only a few. “This isn’t a conventional observational documentary. It’s a loud, crazy, in-your-face acid trip through the chaos and complexity of conflict and identity in one of the most contentious regions on earth. Ultimately, it’s all about people and why it’s our diversity, quirks and differences that make human beings so interesting,” says director and writer Malcom Green.

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            FINDING ABRAHAM is now available on