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The Female Photographers in the UK You should know

The Female Photographers in the UK You should know

There are plenty of talented female photographers in the UK that you should know and acknowledge the fabulous works of…

Here we showcase to you a variety of different talented Black female photographers to follow, support and hire.


UKBFTOG community was created to help black women find other black women in the photography industry. The Photography industry is dominated by men, making it difficult to find black female photographers in the photography industry, which is why UKBFTOG came to light – building a community for black female photographers, to join a community to be recognised for their talent.

(image: UKBFTOG team)

Curated by: Jemella Binns, Leeonda Alfred, RUBY LND, Denise Maxwell and Dominique Nok.

Meet the team:

Jemella, owner of Mellz Photography LTD – A portrait and wedding photographer specialising in Maternity, New-born and cake smash photography.

“A Photograph is not just a photograph; it’s printed documentation of our growth and existence”

Mellz Photography was founded in 2013, specialising in Portrait and Wedding Photography in London, UK.

Head photographer Jemella Binns – known as Mellz, has been shooting for 10 years.

See the works of Jamella Binns here.

Leeonda, a visual artist that goes by the name of LA Creativity.

LA Creativity is committed to providing each client with high quality photographic images with an artistic twist.

Specialises in capturing the female form in the style of Boudoir and Nude Art to empower women to ‘Love the skin you’re in.’

See more from LA Creativity on her Instagram.

Karyn Louise, aka RUBY LDN. A photographer that shoots still lie, performances, portraiture, events, headshots, runway & fashion and photojournalism.

“Shooting still life allows me to express myself and my vision in ways that can’t be said about many other genres.”

See all the works of RUBY LDN here.

Denise Maxwell

A full time Owner and Photographer at Lensi Photography.

Denise of Lensi Photography covers a wide range of genres including events, portraits, weddings, sports, fashion, music and press.

She started in event and portrait photography after leaving a full time job in the NHS, her portfolio has now expanded to cover genres including sports, fashion, weddings, photojournalism, music and corporate PR / marketing.

Versatility in photography has been part of her success, where she describes herself as a photographer; understanding the principles of framing, lighting and relationships in order to execute the various genres she shoots, rather than a photographer of one particular genre.

Denise covers events such as London Fashion Week and the BAFTAs, and has a client list that includes The BBC, Starling Bank and Gumtree. She has worked as far afield as Mexico and Rwanda.

Her work has been published in Vogue, The Independent and The Guardian, and her art exhibited at The Mac Birmingham and Harris Museum Preston.

See the full works of Denise Maxwell here.

Gifty Dzenyo

A Ghanaian photographer based in London, who is passionate about showing the beauty of skin colour and capturing narratives in a creative way.

Gifty has an attention to detail and aims to capture people with an authentic and unique approach.

As a creative, being able to communicate a story and convey a message is something that is important to her. Gifty’s work always captures a narrative that is relatable and authentic to different people. Her images are about Black women being present and visible in day-to-day life. She explores the attributes of a Black woman, and the beauty of her Black features and skin.

Gifty is inspired by the Black women around her, who are successful, radiant, consistent, delicate, and integral. Black women deserve a space at the table, Black women deserve respect, and Black women ought to love every inch of themselves and be accepted just as they are.

See all of Gifty Dzenyo’s photography here.

Follow her on Instagram @giftydzenyo.

Jessica Madavo

Olivia Lifungula

Belgian-Congolese photographer and filmmaker Olivia Lifungula explores themes of intimacy, beauty and the construction and depiction of Black femininity in art and the media.

See Also

“I always want people to feel beautiful and understood”: Olivia Lifungula on her honest and real photography.

Olivia has most recently been included in this year’s British Fashion Council’s New Wave: Creatives List.

She has previously been featured in Vogue Italia list of 20 female photographers to watch as well as the new Black Vanguard: photography between art and fashion current exhibition.

Olivia’s photographs and goals as a creative, has expanded into projects for Porter Magazine, i-D, Dazed Vogue Italia and more, as well as commercial work for Gucci, Nike, Estée Lauder and Converse, not to mention her numerous films and ten-page cover story for Nataal’s debut digital magazine.

She wants to present the more joyful side of life and of her subjects, to build a visual documentation of beauty and Black femininity, all the while transcending the viewer into other places. This is exactly how she felt looking at art when she was younger – she saw it as escapist – so she’s more than dedicated to replicating these emotions with her own.

Follow Olivia Lifungula on Instagram.

Shingi Rice

British Zimbabwean self-taught photographer Shingi Rice, also known as bluespit, is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London. Shingi began her photography journey in Spain after experiencing a lack of cultural representation. It is there where she decided to focus her time and energy to create that representation she did not see through her imagery.

Her work consists of powerful portraits of women of colour, size and age inclusivity, and people with disabilities.

“I take pictures of beautiful souls in beautiful clothes.”

Follow Shingi Rice on Instagram.

Hel of a Beauty

Hel of a Beauty was born out of the passion to help independent Beauty businesses get digital their brand photography & marketing right.  Whether you are just starting out in your beauty business or have an established business that you want to take to the next level…

Photography & social media solutions to help you make it happen, however it works for you.

Providing information and services at your own time and pace, Hel of a Beauty solutions help you create a unique path to success that fits you and your business, and you’ll love the solutions that are recommendedfor you to try, a lot of them for FREE, before you fully commit.

No Hidden Charges Ever! A free initial consultation will provide a clear project plan and a full pricing quote, so you can work out your goals and create a strategic plan.

Follow Hel of a Beauty on Instagram.

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