Video Interview with The Surrogate lead Jasmine Batchelor UK release 9th July: preview 7th July Genesis cinema

Jasmine is a producer, writer, and actor from Philadelphia, PA and Atlanta, Georgia. She stars in new independent film The Surrogate, written and directed by Jeremy Hersh, which debuted at SXSW 2020 and garnered her a 2021 IFP Gotham Award nomination for Breakthrough Actor. UK release is 9th July.

“A superb central performance from Batchelor guides the audience through a film which navigates an ethical and emotional minefield, and concludes that there are no easy answers” Screen Daily”

Dir-scr. Jeremy Hersch. US. 2020. 93 mins

The story: When 29 year-old web designer Jess (Jasmine Batchelor) agreed to be an egg donor and surrogate mother for her best friend Josh (Chris Perfetti) and his husband Aaron (Sullivan Jones), it didn’t occur to her that the informal verbal agreement which bound them together might not be fit for purpose. But then Jess’s perennial state of sunny, can-do optimism is presumably one of the reasons she agreed to help her friend in the first place. When an early test reveals Down Syndrome, it becomes clear that Jess and the fathers-to-be are at odds when it comes to the way forward.

Still time to get tickets for our special preview screening: Wednesday July 7th 6: 30pm Genesis Cinema BUY HERE:

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