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BAFTA suspends Noel Clarke as accusations of groping, harassment bullying by 20 women arise in Guardian investigation

The actor-producer categorically denies all the allegations from the 20 women, a Guardian article has revealed that he was under investigation when he received the most prestiogious BAFTA award and if he appeared a little uneasy this may have been why according to The Guardian.

Here is what the was in The Guardian ”

“Thirteen days before presenting Clarke with his award, a Guardian investigation can reveal, Bafta was informed about the existence of several allegations of verbal abuse, bullying and sexual harassment against Clarke.

Bafta does not dispute it received anonymous emails and reports of allegations via intermediaries, but said it was provided with no evidence that would allow it to investigate.

Clarke also became aware of the allegations, which he vehemently denies. As he stepped off the stage holding his gong, Clarke’s reputation remained publicly unblemished; not just as an actor, producer, screenwriter and director, but one who could now claim to be one of British film and television’s most lauded stars.

Yet Bafta’s decision to venerate Clarke moved numerous women to break their silence. They allege Clarke is a serial abuser of women, using his power in the industry to prey on and harass female colleagues, and sometimes bully those who fall out of favour.” quoted from The Guardian

You can read the full article here

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