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Colston Hall renamed Bristol Beacon addressing Slavery legacy: Watch renaming event here

Apparently the renaming of Colston Hall which was revealed today in a live event streamed from the building was in the mix since 2017 according to Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and the name itself was first said in a new poem written by Bristol city poet Vanessa Kisuule.

Bristol Music Trust, the organisation behind the Bristol Beacon, hopes that the new name will fuel transformation of the venue and will be a signal of new beginnings for the city. Rees said “It’s such a powerful building at the centre of our city, it’s so important for us to build a city for everyone.”

“This morning I am warmly welcoming you to Bristol Beacon. A symbol of hope and community. A focal point for music in the city. A gathering space, illuminating the way ahead. A place of welcome, warmth and light”. Louise Mitchell, chief executive of Bristol Music Trust

The rebranding comes three years after Bristol Music Trust, who run the venue, revealed they wanted to change its name. It was followed by a public consultation -with more than 4,000 people participating.

Based in Bristol city centre it was built almost 150 years after slave trader’s death, the announcement of the new name is part of a £49 million refurbishment.

Recently millions saw the statue of Edward Colston being toppled in Black Lives Matter protest. This the end of a decades long debate which started long before the BLM protest.

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