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Breonna Taylor death: Two officers shot in Louisville as protest spread across America as police officers not charged

Protests over the grand jury’s decision on Breonna Taylor’s death have taken America back to widespread unrest. Taylor, 26, was a hospital worker, who was shot multiple times as three officers stormed her home on 13 March looking for an ex-boyfriend who did not live there. Breonna Taylor’s mother only found out the fate of the officers involved in her daughter’s killing just two minutes before Attorney General Daniel Cameron made the announcement, the family had expected to have a heads-up on the decision a lot sooner according to the family attorney Sam Aguiar and the Civil rights attorney Ben Crump,  representing the family of  Taylor, described the grand jury announcement as nothing less than “outrageous and offensive.”

Crump said “Jefferson County Grand Jury indicts former ofc. Brett Hankison with 3 counts of Wanton Endangerment in 1st Degree for bullets that went into other apartments but NOTHING for the murder of Breonna Taylor. This is outrageous and offensive!”

One, of the officers Brett Hankison, was charged, but not with Taylor’s death, but with “wanton endangerment” which was because the bullets when the officer fired went into a neighbour’s apartment in Louisville. The two other officers face no charges which has engaged those wanting justice for Taylor. In light of charges against the officers who killed George Floyd this is not a welcome verdict.

The two officers shot in Louisville shot are stable and do not have life threatening injuries.

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