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PM New lockdown measures: Restaurant, Bars Pubs must close 10pm: New restrictions remain in place for 6 months

6 months is a long time and most people would have not have expected such a long time for the new measures to be in place, last week London gov cancelled the new Year fireworks. The number of covid -19 cases had been predicted to reach 50.0000 as a day by mid October with the current daily rate of infection spiking dramatically. Penalties for not wearing face coverings will double to £2,000, with an instant £200 fine. PM said that “this is not a full lockdown”. The PM also said local people need to work together to keep the virus down. People are now being asked, “encouraged to work at home”.

Policing will increase and military action can be called if required

Pubs, bars and restaurants should operate a table service only from Thursday, except for takeaways.

A curfew set to close from 10pm.

Takeaways will have a curfew, but deliveries can continue after.

Face coverings must now be worn by retail staff, indoor hospitality, and taxi drivers.

Covid secure guidelines to become legal obligations.

Maximum of 15 people to attend wedding receptions, up to 30 will be able to attend funerals.

Delay to the return of fans to sporting events.

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