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Kush Films: Director Taaqiy Grant to release HAPI the essential ‘black economics’ documentary film in UK – premiere 28 Aug

Kush Films: Director Taaqiy Grant to release HAPI the essential ‘black economics’ documentary film in UK – premiere 28 Aug

Kush Films joins forces with African-American film director Taaqiy Grant and his HAPI Movement to release essential new ‘black economics’ documentary HAPI to UK audiences. (main image Taaqiy Grant)

On  Friday 28th August 2020 (7.30pm)  HAPI will have a UK premiere with subsequent screenings on Thursday 3rd Sept, 7.00pm HAPI Film + Q&A with special live performance by respected American soul artiste Marlon Saunders (singing his new song Dark Day) Dark Day Album Cover @marlonsaunders Tickets: £12.00 & Friday 11th Sept, 7.30pm HAPI Film + Q&A
with special live performance by rising star Jordan Thomas (singing his new song Don’t Shoot Me)

This empowering, detailed and beautifully produced documentary film is timely with the recent uprisings and awakening after the George Floyd police killing as well as the global call from prominent black community figures for black people to unite economically, recognise their spending power and support targeted days where people only spend their money with black businesses which resonated on social media  with the hashtags #blackpoundday #blackdollar #dontspendapenny and others.

Mikel Ameen

HAPI is the film that we have all been waiting for and will take you on a visual journey across space and time back to the successful empires of ancient Kush and Egypt, then transport you to the infamous American town of Greenwood, Tulsa and what we now know as ‘Black Wall Street’ then it brings you right up to present day and what is needed to once again direct and channel the enormous spending power of global black communities.

The title of the film ‘HAPI’ relates to the ancient spiritual name of the Rive Nile the source of ancient Africa’s great wealth and global power.  Featuring a superb African-American cast of black history, psychology and economic development intellectuals that has never been seen in one documentary film providing a way forward, such as; Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Prof. James Small, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Kenneth Kelly (First Bank), Dr. Wade Nobles, Mfundishi Djhutyms, Dr. Patricia Newton, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Dr. Bruce Williams, Dr. Peter Lacovara, Chester Higgins Jr., Dr. Solange Ashby, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Rkhty Amen, Heru Ankh Ra Semahj Se Ptah, Dr. Rosalind Jeffries, Dr. Georgina Falu, Sri Master Gano Grills, Jabari Osaze, Charles Barron, Asar Imhotep, Lord Jamar, Dr. Lawrence Berman, Mandy Bowman, Chief Awo Oluwole Ifakunle Adetutu, Shareef Abdul Malik, Dr. Jaqueline Battalora.
UK guest speakers include: Robin Walker (historian), Dr. Michelle Asantewa (author/lecturer) and Moderators include: Tony Warner (Black History Walks) and Gilchrist Livingston (Business advisor/Life Coach).

Marlon Saunders Dark Day Album Cover

Kush  has partnered with Black History and tour organisation Black History Walks to present this UK Premiere on Fri 28th Aug.

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Dr. Solange Ashby

The three online screenings will feature the film followed by a Zoom Q&A with guest speakers from the cast & crew and to kick-off proceedings a special live performance by one of three special guest music artistes including: ‘World Changer’ Mikel Ameen, rising UK pop singer/writer Jordan Thomas and his new #blacklivesmatter track ‘Don’t Shoot Me’& African-American veteran soul artiste Marlon Saunders and his new #blacklivesmatters track Dark Day.

Tickets cost £15 for the premiere (with 50 early bird tickets at £12) and the screenings on 3rd & 11th Sept cost £12. All online screenings can be purchased from & Fri 28th Aug premiere tickets can also be purchased from