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First Women of Color becomes Presidential Running Mate to Biden potentially the oldest US President at 77: Watch Kamala speech here

The Indian and Jamaican ex-US Attorney Kamala Harris makes US history as first woman of color to have this position. On August 11, former Vice President Joe Biden announced that California Sen. Kamala Harris would be his Vice Presidential running mate for the 2020 election. Biden and Harris held their first event together in his home town of Wilmington after his announcement. The event due to Covid was not open to the public but about 70 people gathered outside in light rain. Biden will face a disgruntled Trump in a November election. Trump responded to the announcement by a reminder of when Harris had referred to Biden as “sleepy joe”.

Biden made references to Trump in his speech saying,

“The choice we make this November is going to decide the future of America for a very, very long time. Donald Trump has already started his attacks, calling Kamala, quote, nasty, whining about how she is, quote, mean to his appointees. It’s not a surprise because whining is what Donald Trump does best, better than any president in American history”.

Kamala Harris image credit: Alt africa

Some say that Biden is being divisive in his decision as the “black” female voters are important to his campaign and having Harris as running mate might tip the scales in his favour. Whatever the tactic history has been made as due to Biden’s age he may not do the full term of four years and as Vice -President Harris may become the first woman president of the USA.

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