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Goodman Gallery presents David Koloane Something Out of Nothing – online

Goodman Gallery presents David Koloane Something Out of Nothing – online

Something out of Nothing is Goodman Gallery’s first presentation of David Koloane’s work since his passing in 2019. Curated from the various themes explored by Koloane during his career, this online viewing room includes the artist’s lesser-seen animations, alongside various works included in his recent travelling survey show. ( main image credit: David Koloane
Shapes From Cityscapes 1, 2013 Mixed Media Work: 130 x 412 cm)

Koloane’s style of mark-making is distinct within the South African art canon. From what appeared to be rough sketches and scratches in charcoal, pastel and paint, Koloane would painstakingly pull out the essence of a form. This would manifest, for example, in the joining of two curved lines to represent the most economical form of a bird, or the layering of a few curved “scribbles” and shapes to represent a Johannesburg skyscraper with its windows lit up.
In addition to his work on paper and canvas, Koloane’s academic inquiry was also critical to his practice. In this regard, Koloane was concerned with knowledge-making. This included a knowledge of himself, of the world around him and forging a new space of knowledge for fellow black artists, writers and curators when little to none had existed before. It was a concern with how to make something out of nothing. The presentation runs online August 5 to August 27, 2020 and can be viewed here.

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