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New to Netflix this Week Michelle Obama: Becoming

New to Netflix this Week Michelle Obama: Becoming

Michelle Obama’s autobiography Becoming was unsurprisingly a bestseller with record  numbers flying of the shelf. The first woman of colour to be a first lady inspired and gave hope to many not to mention the endless good causes that she supports.  Now a Netflix series that starts  7th May it is timely that it should be released now during the Pandemic  – following Trump’s “advice” on using  bleach injections to eradicate the virus – this series could not be more relevant.

Michelle Obama documentary “Becoming” on Netflix will be tuned in by her “fans” who see her role as “the rock of the Obama family,” as described by Barack at his inauguration. Or those who see her as  “a Black woman to be admired,” as  Ava DuVernay described her. “Becoming” follows Michelle Obama on the 34-city book tour after the publication of her memoir of the same name. The documentary was overseen by the Obamas’ production company, Higher Ground Prods.

With: Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, Craig Robinson, Kelly Robinson, Melissa Winter, Meredith Koop, Allen Taylor, Valerie Jarrett, Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Conan O’Brien.

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Running time: 89 MIN