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With Homeschooling not all children able to Keep Up – LAPTOPS URGENTLY NEEDED FOR CHILDREN WITH NO TECH AT HOME

AROUND 400 laptops are urgently needed for pupils from three primary schools in London who do  not have access to technology at home.  The LEAP Federation has handed out its computers and tech to pupils but does not have enough to  go around.
They’re now launching an urgent appeal for donations of laptops, computers, tablets and accessories – such as headphones, to ensure all of the primary school children can access online learning at  home.

Louise Nichols, Exec Head at the Leap Federation, said: “The majority of the pupils come from the most deprived areas in Hackney and simply cannot afford the technology required to access their  learning online at home.

“We have given out all the equipment owned by the school but estimate that there are at least 400  children still in need.

We’re urgently seeking support that will allow pupils to join their teachers remotely for lessons. Any help will also take the pressure off families who are under huge amounts of stress as a result of job  losses and school closures.”
The Leap Federation hopes companies or computer firms will donate devices which would allow  access to remote learning. In return, they will publicly acknowledge the acts of kindness through social media.
Louise said: “We recognise that this is a challenging time for everyone but if you are able to help in any way or put us in touch with someone who can, it will have a tremendous impact.”

People can donate by contacting: donations@kingsmead.hackney.sch.uk or via their crowdfunding page.

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