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Coronavirus UK Latest: Amged El-Hawrani frontline NHS consultant dies as UK Death Toll 1228

As the first NHS Doctor dies Boris Johnson warns of stricter measure to be applied to halt Covid-19. Amged El-Hawrani was a frontline NHS consultant in the fight against coronavirus he died after testing positive for the disease. The 55, year old  was an ear, nose and throat specialist in Derby and Burton hospitals. his death was reported last night at at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

At the latest government conference the following was outlined. The most vulnerable will get food and supplies to be delivered and millions of protective clothing to be delivered to the NHS. Downing street asks public to stick to the  Lockdown measures which are to be reviewed at easter.

Jenny Harries Chief Medical officer said, “We can’t just revert to normal life the government will review in 3 weeks but going back to normal immediately would be dangerous, we are looking at 3 – 6 months, this is a moving target which is if we manage this things can move”. Jenny said “lets hold tight for a week or two and lets see where we go from then”.

They anticipate numbers get worse in next week but hopefully in three weeks we may see a drop.

New guidance to be published for those in public service to how best to do their jobs. The most vulnerable also have a web and phone portal.

The UK official line is to prepare for a significant change.

20.000 people have died in Europe with Italy seeing the most deaths.


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