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Director Frances-Anne Solomon to Develop Denham Jolly’s Memoir “In The Black” – a struggle to overcome racism..

Toronto-based CaribbeanTales Media Group has announced that it has begun work on a feature film based on the award-winning memoir In the Black by one of Canada’s most respected entrepreneurs, Denham Jolly. The project is supported by the Harold Greenberg Fund and the Telefilm Development Program.
Jolly is best known as the founder of Canada’s first Black radio station, Flow 93.5. His compelling memoir, that won the Toronto Book award in 2017, tells the inspiring story of his journey from Jamaica to Canada in the 1950’s, through his struggles to overcome racism and become an extremely successful businessman, activist, philanthropist, and publisher.
Solomon, the producer and director on this project, will work with screenwriter Andrew Burrows-Trotman and development executive Jamie Gaetz to recreate the triumphs and trials of Jolly’s life, the fabric of which is interwoven with the activism of several generations of Black Canadians who are also part of this remarkable story.
“Denham Jolly’s ten-year battle to win a license for Canada’s first black radio station, is the stuff of urban legend. In the Black shows Canada from a unique point of view. It’s the story of Canada herself, through a fresh and important lens. Our audiences are hungry for authentic stories about Canadian life: Real lives of real people who came to this country and made it their home.” says Solomon.
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