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Tonight ITV: Election 2019 Live: The Results

Tonight ITV: Election 2019 Live: The Results

Tom Bradby will return as the lead presenter of Election 2019 Live: The Results and will be accompanied once again in the studio by Ed Balls and George Osborne. In the race to reveal who will be entering the door of Number 10, they will be joined by a stellar cast of insiders providing unrivalled insight and analysis, including:

– The former leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson

– Jo Johnson – The Former Conservative minister who left the cabinet over Brexit in 2019

– Chair of Momentum Jon Lansman, whose members may hold Labour’s future in their hands

– Gisela Stewart – Chair of Vote Leave and Labour MP turned Tory voter

– Labour heavyweight, former Home Secretary Alan Johnson

– And Theresa May’s chief-of-staff Fiona Hill will break her silence in her first broadcast interview since the 2017 election

Political Editor Robert Peston and National Editor Allegra Stratton, aided by a journalist at every count around the UK, will provide breaking news and informed analysis as ITV News aims to continue its long history of calling the results ahead of the competition.

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Nina Hossain will be on hand as ITV opens its Election Newsroom – with ‘Peston’ co-presenter Anushka Asthana, and her touchscreen from the programme – to take viewers behind the scenes.

Renowned psephologists Jane Green and Colin Rallings will also return to spot the trends before anyone else and interrogate the results of the joint UK broadcasters’ Exit Poll – will anyone have to “eat their hat” or will the results prove too unpredictable? Colin and Jane will identify the key results that tell us the story of the night.

ITV News’s top correspondents will be with the major party leaders and be live in every nation and region of the UK to interpret the local, regional and national stories of the night.

The ITV News social media accounts and website will livestream the broadcast and the ‘Calling Peston’ podcast will go live behind the scenes, with a special podcast being produced as the night unfolds.