Vue branded ‘racist’ in response to Blue Story ban for “unrelated” machete attack

Vue Cinemas confirmed that Blue Story has been pulled from 91 outlets in the UK and Ireland, after police were called to Star City on Saturday evening for youths with machetes. Police arrested a 13-year-old girl and four other teenagers following  what amounted to a mass brawl involving around 100 youths,  as a result seven police officers were injured. Vue’s nationwide ban on the film has sparked outrage on social media with some accusing the cinema chain of ‘blatant racism’.

Blue Story is a tale of friendship, and “Romeo and Juliet” sort of love story and postcode wars. The main actor Timmy lives in Lewisham but has to go to school in Peckham – two areas known for gang rivalry.

The film by first time Director Rapman whose real name is Andrew Onwubolu is partly based on real life. With the film’s message backed up by its soundtrack. “I’m not trying to justify, I just want to show you what these young boys are fighting for.” 

The film is backed by BBC and Paramount. Is Vue really right to do this as it was during a screening of Frozen 2.


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