Review: Schemers- Inspirational funny Caper

Starring Conor Berry Schemers is a UK film production. It won the audience award at the Edinburgh film festival and it is easy to see why as it is certainly a crowd pleaser. Berry plays Davie in this semi-autobiographical caper film by first-time writer-director David Mclean. Set in Dundee in the 70s and 80s, Schemers recounts Mclean’s entry into the music industry after breaking his leg which ended his dreams of playing football. It is light, in this age of BREXIT and global political upheaval, art more than ever has become a vehicle for protest, to get a message across, but although set in the Thatcher era Schemers makes no real bold statement at all. Berry (Davie) as the jack the lad kinda guy does a good job at providing the laughs. Davie wants two things 1) to impress the object of his desire Shona (Tara Lee) and 2) to bring Iron Maiden to Dundee, as Davie builds his music business  a “few cans” are currency to his father who answers the phone for him. The women don’t have big “roles” in this film, wife, girlfriend, groupie, supposedly what the industry looked like then. Cast:  Conor Berry, Tara Lee, Sean Connor, Grant R Keelan. Schemer recently screened at the Raindance Festival in London.

Narrative Film/ UK/ 89 mins


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