Raindance 2019- Filming in Africa: The Politics of Co-Productions

When: 21st September
Panelists includes both funders and filmmakers with unique insight into the power and politics involved in co-productions. About this Event- Co-productions never start from a blank canvas. Each country comes with its own weight, history, bureaucracy, and cultural image. So why are co-productions desirable to those involved? What cultural and economic issues can co-productions address? And how do critics view the end products of these collaborations?  PANELISTS -David Cecil, Esteri Tebandeke Semulema and Daniel Katenda.

Where: Vue Cinema London – Piccadilly 19 Lower Regent Street London SW1Y 4LR

Full schedule on link below.
Raindance 2019 runs from 18th – 29th Sept 2019

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