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BFI: Swimming in Your Skin Again: Shorts Programme explore Black Beauty on Screen

+ Q&A with directors Baloji (Congo), Abdou Cisse, Amira Tajdin (Kenya) and Rhea Dillon.

Where does black beauty reside? Is it in the Florida swamps with a spiritual siren, in an artist’s studio in Lagos, with a wash-to-style hairdo, or on the block with the mandem? What do you see? These films offer studies of black beauty on screen, from a set of transatlantic audio-visual auteurs who discard the rulebook altogether.

Process Dir Rhea Dillon
Contact Dir Seye Isikalu
Embroidery for a Long Song Dir Amirah Tajdin
Serious Tingz Dir Abdou Cisse
Brood Dir Michael Omonua
Swimming in Your Skin Again Dir Terence Nance
Peau de Chagrin/Bleu de Nuit Dir Baloji

When: Monday 05 August 2019 18:20 NFT3 GA

Tickets £6.50 Total runtime 90min

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