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Stolen Souls Presents Over The Garden Hedge

Stolen Souls Presents Over The Garden Hedge

Written and directed by Lawrence Coke.

Ken is looking forward to a quiet retirement but his dream is about to be shattered when the past comes knocking at the door.

All Ken can think about in his last week before retirement is doing away with the alarm clock and long summer breaks with the wife.

All Margareth wants is her questions answered, the truth about the past and the bloody hedge trimmed. When a couple have been married over thirty years they know everything about each other… right? Over the Garden Hedge is a thought provoking comedy-drama touching on love, family, race, identity, Brexit and why being woke means knowing not to ask to touch a black person’s hair. Cast includes: Paulette Harris-German, Fabian Spencer and Nicole Sinclair.

When: 16th April – 18th April

Where:   White Bear Theatre, 138 Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4DJ

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