Save the date October 27th, LagosPhoto 9th Edition has a Female Focus #MediaPartner

Save the date from October 27th, Lagos will host the 9th edition of the LagosPhoto Festival, this year’s theme is Time Has Gone”.  This year there  is a  unique and diversely talented range of photographers will exhibit, featuring 22 photographers from over 18 countries.

A large percentage of the exhibition’s invited photographers and curators are women,  testament to the festival’s goal of welcoming more (particularly African) women into conversations about art and photography.

Sethembile Msezane, Untitled (Workers Day) 2014
Sethembile Msezane, Untitled (Workers Day) 2014

Speaking on the theme curator, Wunika Mukan explains the uniquely Nigerian expression “Time Has Gone” as meaning a host of things: reminiscing on “Time well spent”, lamenting “Time Wasted”, and in some cases, used as a rousing call to action. Mukan explained exhibiting photographers were challenged when investigating the temporality of time: “They have been invited to show the viewers through their lenses, how photography may be a way to preserve the present, freeze emotions and evoke a sense of nostalgia for things that we fear may be lost”.

Exhibiting artist and architectural photographer Amanda Iheme hopes that “anyone who experiences the festival is moved by the feelings of nostalgia for the 100-year old buildings that may soon be torn down” and may “use the photos to remind us of what we used to be and where we are coming from.

Main Image credit: Ruin-Two Boys with Flowers – Courtesy of Karl Ohiri_Lagos Studio Archives


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