Ava & Gabriel: A Love Story + intro by June Givanni (Pan African Film Archive)

On Tuesday 25 September 2018 18:10 NFT3 the #BlackandBanned season continues at the BFI. A sensuous and profound love story about a black painter who mixes things up in a reserved Dutch town.

Set in late 40s Curacao, this sensuous and profound love story follows the plight of Gabriel, an artist arriving from Holland to paint a church mural. Unknown to the commissioners, he’s black – and much to their disapproval chooses a young black teacher to pose as the Virgin Mary. Certain aspects of the story that confronted racism and homophobia in colonial Antilles were censored during shooting. Part of BlackandBanned. When: Buy tickets here
Netherlands-France-Netherlands Antilles 1990
Dir Felix de Rooy
With Nashaira Desbarida, Cliff San-A-Jong, Theu Boermans  100min
English subtitles
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