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JonaQuestArt presents POW! – People Of the World.

JonaQuestArt presents POW! – People Of the World.

POW! presents the works of two female artists who both embrace cultural diversity and inclusion in their art. Alexandra Moskalenko’s mid to large-scale paintings depict a representation of people from various ethnic origins on colourful vintage fabric, exploring the concept of identity, informed by the artist’s own experience of coming from a multicultural background and living in London. Inna Bolund’s realist portrait work with colourful abstract accents, aims to unite people under a deeper, more philosophical context. Her portraits created of different ethnicities, sometimes reflect the same emotional state the artist experiences herself.

Alexandra Moskalenko - All stars Jonquest
Alexandra Moskalenko – All stars

“I love British culture for its tolerance of eccentric characters, its incredible mix of deeply ingrained traditions, and forward-looking creativity. I am interested in the concept of identity and in what makes a person who they are: nature vs nurture; in how an environment can influence who we are and how in turn we can (positively) influence our environment. I think of my work as a celebration of our diversity and common humanity and as a reflection of the multi-faceted multicultural society we live in.“ Alexandra Moskalenko 2018

 “From Belarus with love… God created this world incredibly beautifully. There are so many cultures in the world – so different and so striking. Some amaze us with the beauty of strictness, some with the brightest splashes of colours and sounds, some with light softness and calmness. We are different, and still we form one big beautiful world. When cultures meet – they give birth to new streams, they make the world develop. That’s good. There’s enough time, space for every person in this world. God gives enough strength to everyone to fulfil his purpose. There’s no need to destroy other cultures, violate freedom and rights of other people. All cultures are wonderful and fascinating in their own way. They are like stars… when they shine together – they make breath-taking constellations. Without stars – there’ll be darkness. Let’s shine together.”   Inna Bolund 2018

 “As a new emerging gallery, portray multiculturalism and global interconnectivity by exhibiting art and design that speaks from a spectrum of cultural vantage points, which we make accessible to all” JonaQuestArt 2018.

When: 18th – 22nd April 2018 11 – 7pm. Where: JonaQuestArt  36 Greenwich Church Street.  Greenwich, London.  SE10 9BL

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Image credit. Main image- Inna Bolund – Breathing