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Tate Modern: How it feels to be free

Tate Modern: How it feels to be free

This July the Tate Modern will host a cinematic night focused on two artists’ approaches to portraiture through the mediums of film and video.
Through empathetic, intimate and affectionate gazes Edward Owens and Barbara McCullough develop specific formal approaches to animate their portraits and draw subjects together, filmng relatives, friends and peers in their own environments, with a deep senses of ease and respect.
Remembrance: A Portrait Studyis a filmic portrait of the artist’s mother, Mildered Owens, and her friends Irene Collins and Nettie Thomas, set to a score of 50s and 60s hit songs.  Shopping Bag, Spirits and Freeway Fetishes: Reflections on Ritual Space
portrays nine Los Angeles- based African American artists as they reflect on the role of ritual in their life and art, the importance of chance and improvisation and the feeling of possession during a performance. Spanning spoken word to environmental sculpture and music, the film is a rich and powerful reflection on on creative processes and the ways in which cultural traditions come to inform the artistic work.
For more info and tickets please visit the website.
When: 22 July 2017 at 14.00–16.00 and 17.00–19.00
Where: Tate Modern (Bankside SE1 9TG)
Tickets: £8 each (Concessions available. A combined ticket for both screenings in the
How It Feels To Be Free series available for £10.)