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ONBOX: History of Africa on BBC World News

ONBOX: History of Africa on BBC World News

Be prepared to explore an unforgettable journey through the wanders of Africa, lead by renowned BBC World News presenter Zeinab Badawi.
In a brand new eight-part series Badawi travels to the land of her birth to discover some of Africa’s most treasured history.
The continent of Africa has a long, complex past, nonetheless much of the continent’s history is not widely known, and the little that is known often projects a distorted, partial picture. Through a series of interviews and insights, Sudan-born presenter will meet historians, archaeologists, and citizens whose stories depict a vivid picture of their land’s past and how it informs their present lives.
“The old stereotypes are being challenged and a new, compelling narrative is being written.” explains Badawi. The series aims to deconstruct stereotypes and preconceived ideas about Africa, while building a more complex and deep narrative of the continent and its talented, diverse and multicultural people.
From the 1st July, History of Africa will air on BBC World News every Saturday at 02:10 & 15:10 GMT and every Sunday at 09:10 & 21:10 GMT.
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