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Kemi Telford

Kemi Telford was created by Yvonne Modupe Telford in 2017. Yvonne was born and raised in Kano, Nigeria.

Her journey into the fashion business started when she started blogging and people kept asking her, “Where did you get that outfit?” Like many Nigerians, her clothes were hand-tailored one-offs. Despite having no formal training in the fashion industry, Yvonne decided to create two skirts using bold wax prints that she grew up seeing women in Nigeria wear.


+44 7543523945

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Couldn’t Wear Less

CWL founder was raised in London but born in Nigeria where African wax cotton prints, Ankara, are a prominent part of style and fashion. From day-to-day wear to occasional outfits for weddings, the vibrant colours are visible wherever you go.

In July 2016, she moved back to Lagos, Nigeria and fell in love with the energy and fun of African style and fashion and wanted to bring some of that back to London with her. She decided to make it her mission to make African Ankara prints available in everyday wear, not just as occasional outfits for Weddings and traditional events, thus Couldn’t Wear Less was born. Also, bringing African inspired style to the western market at affordable prices.


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Exclusive womenswear inspired by West Africa, Made With Love In London.

Influenced by British upbringing in an English seaside town, dreamily recontextualize by their rich Nigerian heritage through empowering womenswear. Inspired by colours and textures in nature and hand-drawn to create bold fashion prints.


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Gapeless exist to bring to you high-quality, stylish shirts that will not gape at the bust.

For the last 8 years to perfect the fabric choices, the design, and the fit.

Gapeless is here to give you the polished well put together look that you deserve. Sourcing from around the world to bring you the best. Routinely stocking UK sizes 10-24 and also offer custom sizing. Gapeless donate a portion of their samples to Smart Works a charity that helps to provide interview and work-appropriate wear for women.


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BBX is a fresh label founded solely by a young female entrepreneur growing rapidly maintaining unique pieces and luxurious quality.

Designing in-house and creating contemporary ready-to-wear, BBX has feminine power with a modern edge at the forefront for every aspect under the label.



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Half Baked London

“Inspired by my travels and the need to feel comfortable yet still attractive, I set out to create a range of versatile swimwear.

Taking a cue from the shapes and feel of underwear basics, the Half-Baked range is as easy to wear on the beach as it is paired with your favourite jeans.

Helping women feel Good. Gorgeous. Confident. The pieces are made to last, and I hope that they will be a staple in your wardrobe.

Designed in London & made in the UK & Europe using the softest, lightweight quality fabric, with UV protection which is kind to your skin

Ease, sensuality, versatility, modernity. Half Baked is for you to wear as your second skin – confidently and fearlessly x.”


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ALYDA is a petite womenswear brand that ethically produces timeless clothing for the modern woman under 5’4″.

ALYDA hope that their limited collections, each containing a select number of carefully crafted pieces using ethically-produced fabrics, help you to feel just that: empowered, confident and beautiful, all throughout the year.


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Aissata Ibrahima

Established in Late 2019 AissataIbrahima is focused on making dressing up look and feel effortless by creating modern, timeless pieces with an edge.

Inspired by classical tailoring and research involving the complexity of love and relationships. Aissata plays with gender equality by contrasting design elements that break down traditional boundaries in gendered apparel, by endowing strength to femininity and delicacy to masculinity.

As a brand Aissata are focused on playing their part in building a sustainable model, for this reason all pieces are currently Made To Order. This is to ensure they only make what is required and plays a pivotal role in our waste reduction.


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Loud Brand Studios is a conceptualised brand that honours limited timeless pieces. Curated and designed in London, Founder & Creative Director Jedidiah Duyile wanted to produce pieces that reminded women of their confidence

Their main inspiration stems from an appreciation of African cultural explorations and the Shapes of the early 2000’s

All fabrics sourced in London are of the highest quality ensuring they provide comfortability and ease. Loud Brand Studios hope you enjoy exploring their space and find items you’ll be able to treasure.


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Vintage and conscious fashion with hand painted accents and artwork.

Two London grown artists on a journey of exploration through art, clothing and identity.

AffandJam concept: Wearable arts

Each of their pieces are carefully hand printed and painted which make them uniquely exclusive.


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atijọ, meaning ‘in the past’ in Yoruba, was founded in May 2019 by friends and London-based stylists Anu Odugbesan, Londiwe Ncube, Safiya Yekwai and Caitlin Moriarty. It was created to provide a more curated and luxury experience to vintage shopping.

The atijọ mission is to bring new light to the landscape of pre-loved clothing and encourage slow and conscious buying while celebrating timeless style, diversity and culture.

atijọ collections are uniquely created with classic pieces for the modern woman and man alongside handpicked homeware and artisan jewellery.

“A collection of exclusively curated vintage designer & artisan products.”


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A A K S was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi with the goal of introducing the world to her favourite weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana while also creating and igniting sustainable jobs within Africa. Handcrafted in Ghana, A A K S creates bags in styles that maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestral counterparts characterised by bright exuberant colours.

The essence of A A K S design philosophy is a complex combination of thoughts, design element which come from a critical attention to craftsmanship, authenticity and ethical values in their production, while having a strong sense of identity and quality. Each collection silhouette is unique and tells a different story through detail, colour and shape. Akosua is connected to every stage of the design and production process to oversee and ensure that the end result is imbued with the spirit and soul worthy of the A A K S stamp.


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SIKA was founded in 2005 by creative director Phyllis Taylor with the vision that fashion has the power and potential to make a positive contribution to society.

The ethos behind SIKA is not only to produce quality ‘made in Africa’ garments for the international market, but also to ultimately prove that garment production can successfully have social and environmental responsibilities at its core.

All SIKA garments are designed in London and handmade in Ghana  (West Africa) by skilled garment production team.


(+44) 208 858 8158

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Juan Pérez

Sustainability is the core of what and why we Reuse Restyle & Upcycle preloved Denim into New ♻ This is more than denim; this is sustainable living.


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Come Swap and Shop

Come Swap and Shop are all about creating your ideal wardrobe in a way that’s cost effective, ethical and collaborative.

Instead of buying new clothes, you can swap out your pre-loved items from our Come Swap and Shop collection.

Be part of an ethical community of clothes lovers.

Come Swap & Shop is a community that is committed to building sustainability for future generations…


0208 340 7282



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Hel of a Beauty

Hel of a Beauty was born out of the passion to help independent Beauty Businesses get digital their marketing right.  Whether you are just starting out in your beauty business or have an established business that you want to take to the next level, I have solutions to help you make it happen, however it works for you.

Hel of a Beauty solutions help you create a unique path to success that fits you and your business, and you can try a lot of the services for FREE, before you fully commit.

Hel of a Beauty was born out of the passion to help independent Beauty Businesses get digital marketing right.


+44 (0) 7985 773 500

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THIIIRD Magazine

THIIIRD is an independent magazine and inclusive platform amplifying the voices and visibility of talent from underrepresented backgrounds. On glossy mag pages, over the radio and through events, we centralise the thought, being and art of people of colour, queer, trans and non-binary people and others with underrepresented backgrounds. We produce an annual print magazine, a bi-monthly podcast, and a seasonal events series. From fashion editorials to feature interviews, podcasts, essays, and events, we are a hub for discovering creative talents, change makers and critical thought in fashion, the arts and culture.



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Linchpin Marketing Consultancy

A niche performance and brand agency focused and dedicated to businesses committed to innovation through inclusion and/or sustainability.

Do you want to market your brand like the best high-end global brands? Linchpin Marketing Consultancy are the marketers behind those brands, join themso they can show you how it’s done!

Multilingual marketing specialists in cross channel growth providing you with a 360 review of your marketing plan and efforts. All solutions offered are tailored and unique to your resources, value, brand and goal(s).

With decades of experience across markets, Linchpin are here to bring you the best service and knowledge, in partnership with an elite group of specialists in Performance Optimisation, Creative Marketing, Copywriting and Data Analysis.



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Black Wall Street London

The Afrocentric retail store, exhibition and business development hub.

Founder, Natasha Vigille hosts a series of London based events created to showcase Black owned business, spread brand awareness, business knowledge and the message of collaboration…

BWSL provides businesses with accessible and affordable retail space, workspace and business trading space, exposure and the opportunity to spread brand awareness and network.



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Insight2marketing are an award-winning brand and marketing agency that offer a wide range of branding, marketing and communications services.

Whether you are organising your first event, co-ordinating a campaign, or simply wanting advice on how to engage with your ideal customers, Insight2Marketing can help!

Their goal is to help businesses find the most cost-effective way to promote, market and position your brands.




07950 476646

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United We Rise UK

Advocates of supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and the wider community improving relationships with parents, children, families. Empowering Kings and Queens.

Uniting establishments with black owned organisations, businesses, institutions and educational establishments.

Providing mentoring, counselling support and guidance, business management services and employment opportunities.

Collaborating & Utilising services to Unite, Empower and supply resources to our community creating economic growth and employment opportunities.


07964 720 465


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Currently a 1-woman brand, creating handmade, high quality soy wax candles, wax melts, car diffusers and room diffusers.

Distinctively simple and sophisticated designs, that incorporates the brand name.

At Flickerwick Limited they precisely blend high quality fragrance and essential oils with 100% natural bases, hand-pouring into their unique candle and diffuser jars. Work with natural materials, choosing sustainable wax and cotton  and wooden wicks for the key candle components.

Flickerwick Limited was created to share the experience of mood enhancing, uplifting candles that create a distinctive ambience, coupled with a whole host of health benefits.

10% of annual proceeds goes to Our Saviours Orphanage in Kasoa, Ghana.


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Soap Smith

Scent is what makes Soapsmith different. Fragrances are so powerful.

Soap Smith products deliver so much more than clean hands, soft skin and relaxed muscles (although they do all those things too!). They deliver immersive, sensory experiences in every use. They lift the nose, the soul and the room. Sam wanted to make people’s noses happy. But more than that, she wanted to make their memories happy.

Today, the brand’s range compromises 6 signature scents, delivered through a selection of the best quality, handcrafted soap, bath and body care products. Passionate about natural ingredients that nourish and care for the skin, and never compromising on quality.



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A Complexion Company

The ultimate nutritional support for women. Trusted through generations.

Designed for the global citizen.

A Complexion Company Organic African Wellness™ Superpowder, a high-performance multi-vitamin powder helps you:

→   Enjoy healthier skin, hair, and nails

→   Maintain your energy levels throughout the day without caffeine

→   Improve your focus and moderate your mood

→   Reduce unpleasant PMS symptoms

Informed by African Traditional Medicine, A Complexion Company is a wellness brand providing self-healing essentials to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through, daily acts of care.


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Yendy Skin

African superfoods + science + actives

Yendy Skin believe skin-changing formulation should come above all else. That’s why they choose to use African botanicals and science in a way that’s never been done before to deliver maximum efficacy. A bold claim and one Yendycan actually deliver on.

Yendy’s lab-formulated, pioneering skincare uses Africa’s most powerful superfoods backed by science and powered by skin-loving actives in order to tackle sensitive skin issues and protect the skin barrier.


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Swear By Skin

When it comes to skincare, the struggle is real! We get it.

At SwearBySkin, everyone deserves easy, accessible tools to tackle your skin struggles.

That’s why SwearbySkin are here to get you glowing with simple, sofa-friendly steps that fit around your routine. No more salon visits, harsh treatments or hefty price tags — just professional beauty that you can do with a glass poured and Netflix on.


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Sundry Skincare

All skincare products are made in the UK and are cruelty free.

Using the best, active ingredients, inspired by Africa, such as shea butter and cocoa butter and mixed them with essential oils and natural ingredients to create a range of beautiful products that not only feel good on your skin, but actually work too.

A cruelty free, skin positive brand who believe you should feel good about the skin you’re in, always.

You are beautiful before and Sundry Skincare products will have you feeling even better after. 💛


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Tingle Box

Tingle focuses on helping women to feel good through self-care while also aiming to remove the stigma around female mental health.

A monthly subscription box of self-care products.

Choose monthly, three-month, six-month or yearly memberships and receive 5-6 expert-curated, full-sized self-care products ranging from makeup and skincare to beauty tools, haircare, aromatherapy from brands like Eyeko, Balance Me and The Organic Pharmacy.


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Aysha Bell Wellness

A healing space creator with sessions based on yoga with a unique blend of breath-work, harmonic resonance and sound. The sacred space created with Aysha Bell’s work is supported with her own unique Meditation Box, which is used in her workshops and classes, which are available to buy so you can create your own sacred space at home.

Modern life is complicated enough, so let’s keep it super simple.  Here’s the equation:  You + me + yoga + meditation + breath-work = a balanced, fun life.   Add sound therapy and healing, self-kindness rituals and routines, and we’re talking big shifts.



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Chosan by Nature

Inspired to share her childhood experience with others, Melan Mag decided to create her own range of exotic, organic drinks, fresh fruit sorbets and baobab jams using the same simple methods her aunt once used.

This range is called Chosan, a word which means ‘cultural heritage’ in the Wolof language spoken in The Gambia. By using fruits and plants indigenous to Africa, Chosan’s delicious hibiscus and baobab products pay homage to this rich heritage.


07951 113143

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bea Skincare

Harley Street-trained Skin Specialist, Clinical Trainer & Director, and Founder of the award-winning product line bea Skin Care.

After studying Applied Sciences at the renowned University of the Arts in London, Bianca achieved advanced level accreditations in cutting-edge aesthetic skin procedures, representing several well-known cosmeceutical brands at the same time.

After establishing a UK-wide network of clinics, she launched her own signature product line, bea Skin Care, in 2015.


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Bouclème, the ultimate in plant powered hair care for natural curls. Passionate about the planet as much as they are about curl-care, and bring you naturally derived, sustainable products in eco-friendly packaging. Glorious.

New hair care brand Bouclème is a range of products specifically for curly hair types. It was created by Founder Michele Scott-Lynch out of a desire for a product that delivered healthy, frizz-free curls using all natural ingredients.


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Maya Njie

Maya Njie Perfumes was founded in 2016. A niche perfume brand with a clear focus on high quality artisanal blends, the scents are deeply rooted in Maya’s Swedish and West African culture. All formulas are developed in-house, using a variety of essential oils, aroma compounds and resins.

Making use of both naturals and synthetics in her creations – it is nature and science combined.


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UOMA Beauty

UOMA – means beautiful and they believe that beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself.

UOMA Beauty exist to re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us.

UOMA Beauty is the most inclusive black-owned beauty brand. Founded by Nigerian born, LA & London based former beauty executive Sharon Chuter, the UOMA Beauty range is rebellious, innovative and created for all.


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The Good Hair Club

Consult online with well-known, certified hair experts who have dedicated their careers to studying the science, experience and structure of kinky, curly and wavy hair, and can recommend the most effective products and personalised treatments for your hair.

Just like your body reacts to aging, pregnancy and environmental changes, your hair does too. This can often make the hair journey feel like one big diversion after another. That’s why at The Good Hair Co, we harness industry knowledge and your personal experience to educate, identify and provide unbiased, bespoke hair care regimen to suit your hair needs, budget and lifestyle in 5 simple steps.

Find 5 steps here: here

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ORI Lifestyle

Quality. Transparency. Honesty.

The story at ORI is a lifestyle brand that adopts a holistic approach to hair, skin and overall wellness. ORI products are made with the finest and highest quality ingredients to support the health of your hair, skin and overall wellness.

All ORI products are of the finest natural quality. Source the best, then work hard to retain the integrity of the nutrients and minerals. this is why dark green bottles are used and carefully thought through packaging to preserve the nutrients.

Supporting education in Nigeria. ORI donate 50p of every product purchased to the UK registered charity, Path to Possibilities.


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Danessa Myricks Beauty

Self-Taught. Makeup Artist. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Founder. Mother. Black woman.

In a world focused on labels, DanessaMyricks has continuously broken boundaries and built a world of beauty for people from all races, ages and genders.

Starting out as a self-taught makeup artist, Danessa learned how to use products in unconventional ways to create stunning looks. Ignoring industry norms, she began to teach other artists about her techniques and product selections and created a name for herself in the beauty world.

All products by DanessaMyricks Beauty are multi-functional and created to work in multiple places and on all faces. Creatively combining artistry with product manipulation, she designs and launches some of the most high-performance products on the market.


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Dizziak London 


DIZZIAK is the award-winning, ultra-moisturising beauty range for every hair type and everybody – no exceptions and no exclusions.

A multiculturally-minded brand for the 21st century, instinctively influenced by fashion, beauty, art, music and current culture.

What happens when you just can’t find a staple brand that’s healthy, good looking & deliciously fragranced? You create it yourself.


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Your hair is unique, like YOU. Antidoteare on a mission to help you choose the best routine and products that work for your texture.

Bringing you the much-needed remedy. The Antidote mission is to make ‘hair’ simple and easy.

They believe your texture is unique and so should your products. Curating the best products created by passionate and knowledgeable makers.


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Charlotte Mensah

An inspiration to stylists, business owners and women worldwide. She’s achieved all this and more through hard work unwavering self-belief and it also helps that she’s such a genuine, down-to-earth person.

She is recognised as the Go To authority regarding maintaining Natural Afro, Mixed & Curly textures by magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler to name a few.

After years of expertise in the haircare field, Charlotte set her sights on building an ever-lasting legacy. Charlotte believes that your hair, needs to be properly maintained and cared for, so it looks and feels its best. Her multi-award-winning Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil premium hair care range is designed for afro/mixed and all curly hair types, it is made using organic, ethical and sustainable sourced oils, these products not only deliver amazing results but also smell divine. The luxurious formulas are as kind to the earth as they are to your hair.


020 8969 9444

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Your hair was born to thrive. Trust EquiBotanics to nurture and protect your beautiful hair.

EquiBotanics inspires hair freedom because hair excites them.EquiBotanics believe in excellence and world class in haircare. Sharingtheir expertise with women and men to build their own hair communities. Creating experiences and hair products for hair love.

To self-love and self-care. EquiBotanics is on a mission is to demystify excellent hair care and inspire you to create hair you love.


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Your hair was born to thrive. Trust Equi Botanics to nurture and protect your beautiful hair.

Equi Botanics inspires hair freedom because hair excites them. Equi Botanics believe in excellence and world class in haircare. Sharing their expertise with women and men to build their own hair communities. Creating experiences and hair products for hair love.

To self-love and self-care. Equi Botanics is on a mission is to demystify excellent hair care and inspire you to create hair you love.


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CEO Djimbi truly has a deep love for everything makeup, creating beautiful products that perform perfectly.

Her motto has always been to create inclusive high-quality products to the makeup enthusiast that are perfect for the woman who want to experiment without the high-end price tag. Currently in over 27 countries and 40 retailers worldwide.


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Pamoja Skincare

Pamoja is vegan, palm oil-free and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, the global gold standard on cruelty free skincare.

Ethically sourced botanical ingredients that nourish and strengthen your skin barrier with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Also sourced science-backed actives proven to soothe, hydrate, repair and protect all skin types but especially dry, dull, dehydrated and sensitive skin. 

Pamoja Skincare’s mission is to do the research for you, so that you can make easy, sustainable choices and have a more conscious lifestyle.


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79 LUX

Founded by health and beauty expert Karen Cummings-Palmer who believes that good skincare – like good food should nourish, hydrate protect and illuminate.

Specialising in Age-Management and Beauty from the inside out Karen had worked with great supplements and facial skincare treatments but when it came to the body, she couldn’t find anything that ticked all of her boxes.

The first product in the collection was born from Karen’s need to treat her dry eczema prone skin whilst managing the signs of ageing – it had to be deeply hydrating but not greasy, largely organic and luxurious. She wanted something that was more than a cream but an ultra-nourishing anti-oxidant rich body balm that would quite literally feed the skin.


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Lash Magnifique

Lash Magnifique is an award-winning company specialising in eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are perfect for all occasions from everyday wear to holidays and bridal. Including own range of temporary strip eyelashes that are ship worldwide.

At LM they pride themselves in customer care, ensuring a personalised service.

Specialise in eyelash extensions ranging from supernatural to extremely glamorous Russian volume. Each client receives a full consultation to ensure their needs are met and there is no waiting time as appointments are managed accordingly. Use the best suppliers and products from the UK.


07432 419706

106 Boundary Rd, St John’s Wood, London NW8 0RH

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Using nature’s valuable blend to create hair products and accessories is what Afroani is all about. Believe in naturally sourced, cruelty-free products. Afroani is a UK based e-commerce business that values sustainability, nature and your confidence in your hair.

Afroani believes in creating vegan friendly formulas without the use of Sulfates, Parabens, Silicons and artificial colorants to provide you with the best clean hair care experience. Afroani hair care formulas contain some of the best ingredients that will nourish and hydrate textured hair.

Afroani wantto give you a chic and luxury experience, begin your healthy hair journey with them.


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It’s never been easier to find products that work for you.

Yuty starts with you. Using unique AI built to recognise you and understand your needs, matching you with curated conscious products to fit you perfectly, without waste. Putting you in beauty.

The world’s leading AI-driven conscious beauty destination – where Yuty get to know, recognise and help you to discover and buy the right products that will work for you, sustainably.

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Naomi Sadé (London)

Naomi Sadé London is for all and was created with this in mind. Naomi Sadé’s mission is to meet the desire for great quality makeup that is guilt free and fully inclusive. Designed and created by Naomi, a woman of colour with big dreams and a passion for makeup. Their products are truly created for all, with a strong understanding of deeper skin.

Naomi Sadé is committed to ensuring that their ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced and promise to maintain this commitment.


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By Joy Adenuga

Passionate about the tools of her trade, Joy decided to create her own line of beauty tools with emphasis on high-quality and functionality. Starting with her range of lightweight & reusable lashes to her multi-use professional brushes.

Her line is truly meant for anyone and everyone.



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Brown Skin Dark Lips Limited

If you have brown skin, darks lips, dry skin, fine hair, curly hair, freckles and limited time to get creative, you will find Brown Skin Dark Lips Limited blog useful.

With much creative makeup and accessories that will you give you lots of tips and tricks for POC and whoever is interested in beauty and well-being.




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Art, Designs & Crafts

Dorcas Creates

DorcasCreates is a UK based illustration brand that creates uplifting and bold products that centre and celebrate Black women, including greeting cards, art prints and jewellery.

Each DorcasCreates piece is vibrant and colourful, capturing Black womanhood and Black girl joy.

Dorcas Magbadelo is the artist behind illustration brand DorcasCreates – largely self-taught; Dorcas uses bold colours and patterns, taking many elements from her Nigerian heritage to create powerful and striking illustrations.


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Kirsty Latoya is a 20-something-year-old, artist from South London who specialises in digital illustration. She concentrates on important issues such as mental health through her art.

From a young age she identified art as her passion. She would always draw when armed with a piece of paper and a pencil. When her household got their first computer, she’d draw for hours on Microsoft Paint. Whilst studying abroad in New York in 2012 she finally got the opportunity to take art classes.

During this year long course, she learnt how to paint and learnt the technicalities of art.

Published Art & Poetry Book: Reflections of Me (published in 2018)


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Creative Curls

Creative Curls is a UK based Artist that has always been drawn to anything both colourful and creative. Having specialised in acrylic paint for the past 7 years, she uses her abilities to bring awareness to the traditions and cultures of predominantly black and ethnic minority groups. 

An experienced teacher, she teaches groups of adult students’ step-by-step paintings, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.



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Nicola Lespeare Greeting Cards

Nicola Lespeare Greeting Cards, a distinctive greeting card brand that draws inspiration from fabulous afros and the richness of deep skin tones.

Born out of a vision to transform the lack of visible representation and availability of Black character cards in the greeting card industry.

Representation is key to instilling self-worth, building confidence and creating a sense of belonging.

At the heart of the brand is a purpose and commitment to help you celebrate family, friendships, birthdays and magical life occasions with beautifully designed cards that create connections and spark resonation.


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Kente, made in Ghana. Kente, made with love.

Afi-Akos are passionate about bringing their customers the finest handmade bags, accessories and homeware from Ghana.

Work with selected designers, artists and crafters on the continent to create amazing products for customers using responsibly sourced materials. All of their creative partners are committed to creating their products sustainably.


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Queen of Hearts Floral Design

A very warm welcome to Queen of Hearts Floral Design, a London based luxury floral studio situated in the heart of North London. With a desire to create show stopping, bespoke, and timeless elegance that exceeds client expectation.

Born in London founder Bilen Zeremariam has been an Interior Designer for the past twelve years, and brings forth an extensive knowledge in colour, texture, shape and interior styling.

Bilen decided to pursue her passion for flowers after creating her own wedding arrangements, which led her into learning the art of floristry.

Today Bilen takes pride in creating opulent, memorable and dramatic floral displays that transform weddings & events in London, throughout the UK and abroad.


+44 7493345650

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Apparel & Accessories

Tribal Twist

Growing up surrounded with bold colours, powerful prints and different cultures, the creative director; Joy Kamau gained inspiration for her final school project from her Hometown Nairobi.

After creating an outfit that was highly praised, she then began collecting printed fabric, bought a sewing machine and began creating custom pieces for friends and family. It was not long before the orders began to grow, and Tribal Twist was formed.


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Sheer Chemistry

‘Sheer Chemistry is a movement. A celebration of women of all shades of brown, in all your glory’.

If you’re a woman of colour, you’ve probably become accustomed to, perhaps even proud of your growing collection of black opaque tights.

Founded by Tahlia Gray, Sheer Chemistry is an empowering hosiery brand, driven by a mission to create a more diverse perception of beauty.

As a young professional living in New York, she became frustrated by her inability to find tights to match her skin tone during a blisteringly cold winter. Dissatisfied with the lack of options on the market, and tired of alternating between black opaque tights and beige coloured tones labelled ‘nude’, Sheer Chemistry was established to create tights for women of all shades of brown.



07718 127018

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Tracey James Design

Handmade Bags and Accessories

Sewing for over forty years and a passion for creating stylish pieces that become treasured favourites. Being creative is in Tracey’s core, fabric is an art.

Inspired by beautiful fabrics and great designs, a perfect marriage with textures, colours and patterns all playing a part.

Each item is handmade and only limited stocks are available, but you will benefit from the exclusivity.


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Iṣura, pronounced ‘ish-urah’, translates to “treasure” in the Nigerian language of Yoruba.

Iṣura is a brand that celebrates the beauty of the African diaspora, through stunning jewellery pieces.

When you shop with Isura, you will find quality, non-tarnish, statement jewellery pieces. Each piece is beautifully crafted into the shape of African and Caribbean countries and Islands, as well as meaningful cultural symbols.

Celebrate, embrace and represent your culture and heritage in style with Iṣura.


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Brown Skin Essentials

When Despair Breeds Hope

Brown Skin Essentials was created to solve a major issue as tights did not cater to women of colour.

Which is why the brand was created for women of colour to be able to find affordable tights that match their skin tone.

At Brown Skin Essentials you will find quality, affordable items that suit the needs of all shapes, sizes and hues. Brown Skin essentials is also gender inclusive.


(0) 2078560453

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Nubian Skin

A nude bra and skin tone hosiery are the basics of every woman’s wardrobe, at least in theory. For many women of colour, finding suitable skin-tone hosiery and lingerie has not been an option. Frustrated by the lack of skin-tone choices to go with her ever-expanding wardrobe, Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, decided it was time for ‘a different kind of nude’.

Nubian Skin launched with a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery to provide the essential underwear needs of women of colour. Headquartered in London, Nubian Skin delivers worldwide and looks forward to growing the company’s offering and expanding its reach.

Empowering Women. Embracing our Colour.


(0) 330 1234 095

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Protect but Make it Fashion

Protect your curls. Wear your crown.

Protect but Make it Fashion aim to offer long lasting products that will make your life easier and empower you.

Feel proud to show off yourself by wearing your crown while protecting your hair and scalp.


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Own Brown

Ownbrown is designed to be close to you. High quality, easy to wear tights and lingerie that give you the license to be carefree and beautiful. Tone-matched to perfection so your own brown radiates.

Nadine, CEO of Ownbrown says “Ownbrown was born out of frustration. I could not find skin-coloured tights to wear to court, let alone skin coloured lingerie to wear under professional dresses or white shirts.I think freedom and confidence are beautiful presents and everyone deserves to feel that way.”

From London to Lagos, women all over the world embrace their own brown. Let your own style take centre stage with truly nude tights.


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Handcrafted eyewear

Designed in London. Handmade in Italy.

Choice is important.

Kimeze believe everyone deserves to have choice in their eyewear purchase.

Unisex eyewear Est 2021, London England

Collection of fashion forward, classic acetate and metal frames.


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Creative director and founder, Titi Adesanya, is a designer whose appreciation for luxury footwear and impeccable craftsmanship inspired the creation of her footwear brand.

Ethically & delicately hand-crafted in Milan, Titi Adesa footwear is produced in a family-owned factory, renowned for its commitment to excellent craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Created for the contemporary woman with a youthful essence, the brand launched in August 2019 and has since been worn and adorned by all-round fascinating women.

Each collection aims to offer a seamless balance between understated elegance and modern femininity in redefined, minimal silhouettes.

The brand also has a clear ethos: to celebrate women, with a distinctive, specially designed ‘tilted diamond’ logo.


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Misho’s jewellery collection is characterised by a vocabulary of clean lines, architectural forms and simplified geometric shapes. Each piece is sculpted as modern architecture for the body.

Misho is the celeb-loved brand you need to know about. Lead by creative director Suhani Parekh, the designs feature everything from heavy chains and twisting metal to zodiac pendants and shell detailing. Everything is available in either sterling silver or 22k gold plated and prices start at around the £50 mark.


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Janet’s List

A curated platform where you can discover and buy from amazing brands by black women and women of colour from the UK.

Janet’s List is here to help you discover and buy from independent and authentic brands by Black women and women of colour.

The best way to support female + black/WOC owned brands is to buy from them and contribute to their bottom line. It’s as simple as that.

Janet’s List want to proactively connect female minority women in business with the right opportunities. Their goal is simple, to help these amazing businesses to receive the mainstream visibility and give the support they deserve so that they can grow and thrive.


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Candour Beauty

Candour Beauty was built for Love. A place where Black women and women of colour of all backgrounds are welcomed and loved. A place that truly sees them for who they are.

Candour Beauty’s mantra, ‘Finally a place that loves you’ is their promise, because they understand the inauthentic spaces where Black women have often been overlooked, misunderstood and ignored in the beauty marketplace.

Candour Beauty provides an exquisitely curated collection of the best and most sought-after beauty and personal care products from around the world.

Their focus is on all things that beautify and make women feel good, both inside and out.

‘Finally, a place that loves you’


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The Home Of Sustainable Fashion

Sancho’s was founded in 2015 with a mission of making sustainable fashion accessible on the high street and beyond in the hopes of supporting the growth of a fair, safe and equitable fashion industry.

Sancho’s mission is to make it easy for shoppers to prioritise people and planet. Working with their customers to help them find exactly what they need.


01392 757510

117 Fore Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3JQ

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Yard + Parish

Yard + Parish offers a curated online shopping experience inspired by the modern ‘Island’ girl to champion a natural, conscious, and colourful lifestyle. Here you can indulge in an array of independent Black-owned brands offering clean beauty, handmade jewellery, fashion accessories, homeware, and much more.

This is a space where melanin is celebrated, and ‘luxury’ is given a new definition.


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Children’s Toys & Other

Imagine Me Stories

Imagine Me Stories is an award-winning monthly subscription box that aims to inspire by providing quality black children’s literature and empowering black history activities.

The dream is that every child grows up seeing their realities reflected in books and that all children are able to read diverse stories about different experiences.


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Muffin Sisters

Muffin Sisters is known for using traditional African fabrics merged with modern European styles to create heritage children’s products. Muffin Sisters is for those who welcome the vibrant African culture and enjoy compassion in their lives.

At Muffin Sisters, they believe in the importance of preserving heritage for the future generation. In quest for passing on the richness and vibrancy of African mystic roots which led them to the creation of this ever-inspiring African children brand. The rich collections of African lifestyle accessories for infants and toddlers is perfect for inspiring parents to cultivate African culture in their baby’s life, from the very first day.

African culture is all about celebrating life, seeking spirituality, leading the true path, flavourful lifestyle, and embracing the many hues of living.



Muffin Sisters

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Philly and Friends

Philly & Friends is a children’s lifestyle brand with a strong purpose at its heart. Philly and Friends aim to add a drop of colour in the sea of children’s products while supporting underprivileged kids around the world. Their products are beautifully designed to instil confidence and self-love through the power of representation.

Philly & Friends was born out of a desire to see children grow up to see beauty in themselves and others, to believe they can be anything they want to be. Philly and Friends strongly believe representation matters – all children deserve to see themselves and others represented in the books they read, toys they play with and media they consume.

Their Debut book is titled: Who Do I See in the Mirror? and was selected by Hello! Magazine as one of the best 15 children’s books on diversity.


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Home Décor & Accessories

The Perfected Scent


All of The Perfected Scent products are 100% natural, hand poured with love, made in small batches using only the finest quality waxes and fragrance oils for a clean burn.

Strive for environmental sustainability, with all current product packaging being either compostable, recyclable, reusable or bio-degradable.

Luxury products that are simply packaged, making them easy to fit into any aesthetic within your space.

Sit back and relax… You’ve discovered perfection.


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Elysium is the experience of an inner Greece. It is a connection to the stories that are loved, to the characters we are, and to the places we dream of.

Elysium oils are inspired by the fragrances of Ancient Greece, reminiscent of authentic rituals and culture.

Elysium is a fragrance studio in the heart of North London. Being of Cypriot descent, Elysium are driven by a passion for recreating the beauty in Greek traditions through the scents that were present in Ancient Greece.

All of products are hand-crafted individually for consistent quality in every package.


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10FT was founded in 2016 by Lola Lawal who designs her own acrylic makeup storage draws, so you can have somewhere neat and accessible to hold your most precious possessions (your lipsticks!) and also help you declutter.

@ __10ft

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London’s first cactus shop.

PRICK is London’s first boutique dedicated to cacti and other succulents. Based in Dalston, east London, it offers a selection of the most unusual and exotic plants sourced from across the UK and Europe. PRICK sees cacti and succulents as living sculptures that take years to fully develop.

Every great plant deserves an equally great pot. With art and design being a strong focus of the brand, PRICK have designed their own small contemporary terracotta pots, dubbed ‘prick pots’, created to perfectly fit their plants. The store will also select pieces crafted by local artists to build a growing showcase of handmade ceramic pots.

@ __10ft


 492 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AE

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Our Lovely Goods

Home should be a place where you can be completely at ease. Somewhere to shut the door on the stresses and pressures of the outside world, where it’s ok to wear pyjamas all day, eat cereal at the kitchen counter and call it dinner, and dance to your favourite track, loudly, on repeat.

Our Lovely Goods is an extension you and your home. The common thread running through everything to their Nigerian heritage.

Nigeria is the big source of inspiration behind Our Lovely Goods, the sensory overload of colours, textures, and the unforgettable people.

They believe the spaces you inhabit affect how you feel and how you live…

So, make yourself at home, with Our Lovely Goods.


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ALKEMI store
ALKEMI store is an independent lifestyle store where you can find things that are not only timeless and beautiful, but also very practical and long lasting. ALKEMI store showcases many independent brands / makers from all over the world – Korea, Japan, UK, Denmark and Sweden to name a few that are made with utmost care and artisanship. ALKEMI store also works with many local artists and makers introducing and selling their works in the store. Check the local artists / makers who can be found in the store on their websites as well – Bomull Press, Snuffles and Spud, Caro Gates, Sue Ure and One We Made Earlier.


+44 (0)20 7635 7109

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The Brixton Candle Company

A candle enthusiast and lover of great, unique scents.

Brixton Candle Company’s candles are not only luxury but also help raise awareness to a good cause while providing nostalgia and relaxation.

Find solace and well-being benefits in the burning of Brixton Candle soy candles.

Creating a culture of nostalgia, well-being and a new experience of relaxation by using hand-crafted soy candles.Inspired by the vibrant, free spirited nature of London, the Brixton Candle Company (BCC) celebrates the diverse multicultural metropolis of our city, taking you on an olfactory journey to many corners of the world.



(+44) 0207 101 4755

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Melanin Travels Magic

Melanin Travels Magic (MTM) is a tour operator specialized in providing cultural & heritage group trips primarily for people of African & Caribbean descent in Africa, Latin America & Caribbean destinations.

At the height of the #blacktravellersmovement and the need for African and Caribbean diaspora to uncover their history and culture and for you to love and enjoy the wonders of our unseen worlds.

Melanin Travels Magic is here to bring you the discovery of the diversity with the African descent diaspora via traveling experience. What better way to discover, learn, and to experience each other cultures.




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