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Andrew Salgado’s ‘A Few of My Favourite Things’ debuts at CAN Arts Ibiza

Andrew Salgado’s ‘A Few of My Favourite Things’ debuts at CAN Arts Ibiza

BEERS London is so excited to join the second edition of CAN ART FAIR Ibiza, July 12-16, with an extraordinary and inventive new body of work by longtime gallery artist ANDREW SALGADO, entitled A Few of My Favourite Things. The artist has created 12 new work-on-paper/collages that is meticulously and painstakingly crafted from a combination of painted, constructed, and found paper.

A Few of my Favourite Things is a series of 12 works sourced in and loosely based upon Salgado’s love of literature, pulling inspiration or calling direct reference to authors such as Haruki Murakami, Oscar Wilde, and Susan Orlean – or pay homage to Baudelaire in the cheekily titled Hotel Beau.Del.Aire (top) – to provide the foundation for this atmospheric and impressively detailed series. The works include heavily ambient seascapes – such as a tribute to Iris Murdoch’s The Sea, The Sea as well as a loving portrait of the artist’s partner – but also venture further outward, into fantasy, depicting a youthful Nabokov in a Mediterranean Palazzo and even sentimentalized depictions of the artist or his friends in repose and moments of quietude. The freedom of collage allowed the ever-inventive artist to pull on a diverse set of references, pulling inspiration from Lana Del Rey, his family, fellow painter Hyangmok Baik, or myriad nostalgic and bittersweet aspects of deep personal interest to the artist.

Dancer from the Dance Dance Dance (2023), Oil, pastel, and mixed media collage on paper, 130x80cm (framed)

The work carries forward much of the themes and ideas present in his most recent solo exhibition of paintings, Good Things, at Piermarq* Australia, which opened earlier this year. The series of collages precedes a forthcoming momentous solo exhibition, Tomorrow I’ll be Perfect which is scheduled to open November 15 at London’s prestigious Saatchi Gallery, and – at five metres length – will include the artist’s largest-ever painting to date.

‘Don’t Worry Mom (I Built A House Where We Can Listen To Tapestry & Make Drawings & Learn About Birds), (2023), Oil, pastel, and mixed media collage on paper, 130x80cm (framed)

The Duras Is For Me But The Figs Are For John (The Lover) (2023), Oil, pastel, and mixed media collage on paper, 130x80cm (framed)

Murdoch by The Sea, The Sea! (2023), Oil, pastel, and mixed media collage on paper, 130x80cm (framed)

These works are immediately available for acquisition. Please email

About CAN

CAN – Contemporary Art Now–, is envisioned as a laid-back event that celebrates somewhat of a current renaissance of figurative painting and related work. The curation of the fair is primarily focused on the notable artists and the galleries that have been supporting their practices. With such an approach, CAN aims to honor the individuals and entities that have contributed to the boost and appreciation of such progression and support its further development. This defined focus transforms the occasion into a casual reunion of familiar artists names whose activity often overlapped in the past due to the complementing affinity towards the similar aesthetics.

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About Andrew Salgado

ANDREW SALGADO (b. 1982, Canada) holds an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art (2009), and is widely regarded as one of the leading figurative painters of his generation. He has exhibited worldwide, with solo exhibitions including London, New York, Tokyo, Miami, Toronto, Cape Town, Sydney, and throughout Europe.

In 2017, Salgado was the youngest artist ever to receive a survey exhibition at The Canadian High Commission in London. He has received extensive press both online and in print, and he frequently donates to charities and is a frequent advocate for LGBT causes. His works have successfully entered the secondary market with prices frequently doubling their estimates, including a piece at Phillips New York selling for five times its estimate in June 2021.

His works have been collected extensively, including The Oketa Collection, The Royal Bank of Canada Collection, The Masahiro Maki Collection, Government of Canada, The Jordanian Royal Family, Simmons & Simmons, the Esquinazi Collection, Edwin Oostmeier Collection, and more. He lives and works in London, England