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Bach in Excelsis: The Mass in B Minor

Bach in Excelsis: The Mass in B Minor

Harpsichordist Václav Luks makes his debut with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in a fresh chamber interpretation of Bach’s monumental Mass in B Minor.

The Mass in B Minor rises from the musical landscape like a great cathedral.

For #Bach it was the culmination of a life’s journey – for those who come after it is a place of pilgrimage.

Like so much else with Bach, the work had a very pragmatic beginning.

It had started out as a project in 1733 to seemingly secure the Protestant composer a court title in Catholic Dresden; over the years he added further sections – each a self-contained triumph – although his ultimate intention for the work remains unclear. 

The Mass is one of the high peaks of human creativity. A compendium of sublime arias that takes relish in virtuoso solos from singers and instrumentalists with some of Bach’s most wondrously crafted choruses.

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Bach elevates the whole into a work of true heavenly dimensions.

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