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‘The Strays’: Everything You Need to Know About the Psychological Thriller

‘The Strays’: Everything You Need to Know About the Psychological Thriller

A posh woman’s pampered life begins to unravel when two strangers arrive in her affluent town.

Is Neve living the perfect life? Or a perfect lie? In the British social thriller The Strays, by actor, writer and filmmaker Nat Martello-White, one woman’s meticulously crafted upper-middle-class life begins to break when two strangers arrive in town. Martello-White’s debut feature, starring Ashley Madekwe (SalemThe Umbrella Academy), explores the intersections of class identity and internalized racism. 

When will The Strays be released?

The film will be available to stream Feb. 22. 

Where can I find the trailer for The Strays?

Check it out below.

Who’s in The Strays?

Along with Madekwe, The Strays stars Justin Salinger (Hanna), BAFTA winner Bukky Bakray (Rocks), Jorden Myrie (Shepherd’s Delight), Samuel Small (The Nest), Maria Almeida (Pretty Red Dress). For more on the cast and characters, head over to this guide. 

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What happens in The Strays?

A light-skinned Black woman struggling among London’s working class abruptly runs away from her problems. Eighteen years later, she’s living the picture-perfect life in a posh town with a husband and two children. Her accent, name and hair are all different now, and she strives for her and her family to live as affluently as possible. But the facade is starting to crack: She keeps spotting two people in her white suburban neighborhood who she’s convinced don’t belong there. The menacing sightings drive her to her wit’s end. But who are they? And why do they get under her skin so much? 

Where does The Strays take place?

The film takes place in London and in an English suburb called Castle Combe. 

By Ingrid Ostby

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