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4 Ways To Fall In Love With Work Again: 3 Jobs @ TikTok, ITV and Airbnb APPLY now

4 Ways To Fall In Love With Work Again: 3 Jobs @ TikTok, ITV and Airbnb APPLY now

We all have days when we dislike our jobs, our boss or even our colleagues, but what do you do when you wake up every morning feeling dread at the very thought of going to work? Before you jump ship for another role, it’s worth taking some inspiration from the up-coming Valentine’s Day celebrations to explore your options, and try to reignite your passion for your position.

Start by asking yourself when you last enjoyed your job, and then look at all factors that have changed since––including those in your personal life. If you can’t pinpoint a trigger, try to follow the steps below to fall back in love with your job.

1.   Unplug from work

Are you burned out? When was the last time you completely unplugged from work? Media, marketing, digital and social media jobs are notorious for having very little “off” time, as we are more connected than ever before, which means that when the customer is online, you need to be online.

A negative attitude about work could come from being burned out due to the struggle to maintain a work-life balance. Before you make a big decision––like moving roles––can you spend at least a month working on a better balance?

Take up a weekly hobby, go for a walk without your phone, or add some mindfulness to your daily schedule. Do one thing every day for yourself and see your attitude improve within six weeks. If, at that stage, you still dislike your job, then it’s time to step up.

2.   Get Writing

Have you seen that Venn diagram that appears on social media every few months? You know the one: it has a circle dedicated to what you love, a circle dedicated to what you’re good at, and a circle dedicated to what makes you happy. The space where all three overlap is where your job should be––the ultimate sweet spot which enables you to make money from doing what you love, and what you’re good at.

3.   How Did You Get Here?

Does your job stem from a passion or is it something that you fell into in your early 20s and have stuck with ever since? If it’s the latter, then there are two options. If there is an aspect of your industry that you love, explore if you can take your experience and make a lateral move? If not, perhaps you can take your experience and move into an entirely new sector that’s more closely aligned with your passions. Business experience is often transferable, as are roles across roles such as marketing, HR and finance. It’s a matter of finding your true passion––and then figuring out how you can monetise it.

4.   Accept The Truth

Sometimes, just like with relationships, you need to accept that it’s the end. If you’ve done everything you can and you still are struggling to reignite the career spark it might be time to move on and find a better fit. Fortunately, the Alt A Review Job Board is filled with companies hiring across all departments and experience levels.

Discover three roles below that showcase the breadth of the offering.

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Content Strategy and Operations Ecosystems Manager, #TikTok

As Content and Operations Ecosystems Manager with TikTok you will integrate various content-understanding resources and provide solutions. You will be responsible for the optimisation and iteration of content distribution strategies, ensuring the smooth distribution of valuable content, optimising the content pool, and improving the user indicators. You will have five years’ experience working with program management/product operation, as well as a proven track record of demonstrating creativity, strong attention to detail, and managing multiple projects simultaneously. Apply for the role now.

Media Planning Executive, #ITV

As Media Planning Executive with ITV Jobs you will manage audience flow within a channel  and across a portfolio. You will be responsible for the operational delivery and implementation of all promotional activities for an allocated channel/s––whether it be owned linear and VOD and/or commercial linear and VOD across all of your business area responsibilities. You will have proven management of audience flow within a channel and across a portfolio, as well as a strong understanding of multimedia campaign planning and planning terminology. Get all the information on this job now.

Senior Productivity Partner Manager, #Airbnb

As Senior Productivity Partner Manager with Airbnb you will be managing partner relationships with strategic API connectivity partners and will be responsible for recruitment, enablement and the optimisation of Airbnb’s strategic partnerships and become a trusted advisor. You will have seven years’ of professional experience in connectivity and/or strategic partnership roles at a global technology or tech hospitality company, plus world-class account management experience. Find out all the responsibilities for this role here.

Writer: Aisling O’Toole

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