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Meet the Cast of Alice at Brixton House: Alice in Wonderland fused with a little bit of Hip Hop

Meet the Cast of Alice at Brixton House: Alice in Wonderland fused with a little bit of Hip Hop

Brixton House (formerly Ovalhouse theatre) and multi-award winning, genre-bending theatre company Poltergeist have joined forces to present the premiere of a brand new production of Lewis Carroll’s all-time classic, Alice In Wonderland, from 1-31 December. Main image Nkhanise Phiri makes her stage debut in the lead role as Alice,

Toyin Ayedun-Alase

Set in Brixton Underground Station, rooted in the heart of the local community, this contemporary Christmas adventure is a thrilling remix that weaves storytelling, rap music and comic book visuals with the recognisable sights and sounds of Brixton. Audiences will be immersed in a theatre space which has been transformed into a strangely familiar Victoria line tube train. 

Will Spence – Cat, Dum, Nose

Poltergeist’s Jack Bradfield directs this fantastical tale devised from a series of workshops with actors, creatives and the team at Brixton House. This collaborative approach has resulted in a bold new show which didn’t need to venture far to find inspiration. This Alice encounters a motley crew of characters as she tries to find her way off the Victoria line back home to Brixton. 

khai Shaw – Rabbit, Pigeon

(Toyin Ayedun-Alase The Clinic, Almeida Theatre) plays the ‘Queen of the Line’ and multi-rolling parts alongside Khai Shaw. Poltergeist company members, clown and cabaret artist Rosa Garland and writer, performer and poet Will Spence also play a host of bizarre creatures and characters on the underground.

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Rosa Garland – Tortoise, Dee, Rat

Director Jack Bradfield said: “We are thrilled to be remixing Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland for Brixton House this Christmas. For many, this will be their first trip back to the theatre—and for our young audience, it may be their first trip ever. So, with a super-team of actors and creatives, we’ve put together a non-stop thrill ride of an evening, full of laughs and love, for the whole family. Hop on the Victoria Line with Alice and hold on tight! Although audiences should be warned that they’ll never see the London Underground the same way again.”

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