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Review: Explosive theatre!! “Revealed” at Tobacco Factory Theatres (Bristol) cross generational story maps fragile fatherhood

Review: Explosive theatre!! “Revealed” at Tobacco Factory Theatres (Bristol) cross generational story maps fragile fatherhood

Director Jay Zorenti-Nakhid‘s Revealed is set in a West Indian takeaway ran by a father and son outfit father Everal A Walsh – Sidney and son Daniel J Carver – Malcolm. The play opens with the three actors enacting various silent scenes one of which includes what looks like being shot in slow motion. But mayhem entails and the pace fastens as in scene two Dylan Brady – Luther who plays Malcolm’s son enters and appearing to be talking to his “girlfriend” on the phone he sits down to enjoy some of his grandfathers Caribbean food but is alerted by his father Malcolm who enters the takeaway in a state, that a riot has broken out and one of his friends might die at the hands of the police. Outside blue police lights flash.

The riot outside begins to match the family riot that unfolds inside as 16 year-old Luther, his father Malcolm and his grandfather Sidney are thrown together for the night, taking refuge at the family’s Caribbean restaurant. Malcolm starts to flip out about the shop being at risk of damage during the riot because the insurance is not valid. A long night ensues.

Everal A Walsh‘s Sidney, is struck somewhere between the past and regret of not being there for his son and the reason he has kept as is a secret. But in his absence Malcolm became very angry and his rage is felt, rage which he takes out on his son, not just mentally but physically. Son Luther also has his own secret which leads to explosive ;scenes. The drama plays out with the three actors bonded in delivering a very impressive emotional lead piece of writing. Despite the themes of racism, masculinity, sexuality, parenting and love, homophobia, violence, broken families Everal A Walsh‘s Sidney manages to skillfully bring more than a few rounds of laughter from the audience with nothing less than an outstanding performance.

The relationship between him and grandson Luther is believable and at times endearing. Actor Daniel J Carver’s Malcolm’s rage can be felt as he charges the stage he wants son “Luther” to be tough like him. Daniel J Carver is also the writer and in this dramatic and enjoyable piece of writing he delivers on an on-going conversation about the relationship between fathers and their sons across generations, at it’s core black fathers specifically in this instance.


Everal A Walsh – Sidney
Daniel J Carver – Malcolm
Dylan Brady – Luther

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Written by Daniel J Carver
Directed by Jay Zorenti-Nakhid
Designer – Amanda Mascarenhas
Sound Designer and Composer – Khalil Madovi
Lighting Designer – Joe Price
Movement and Fight Director – Kevin McCurdy

Written by renowned actor and emerging playwright Daniel J Carver (RSC), and directed by Tobacco Factory Theatres’ Associate Director Jay Zorenti-Nakhid.

Revealed runs at the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol until 8 October. For more information and to book tickets, go to

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