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Kevin Haynes to release new EP entitled Egbe Alaragbo available Sept 2022

Kevin Haynes to release new EP entitled Egbe Alaragbo available Sept 2022

The music of Alto saxophonist and percussionist, Kevin Haynes, is a fusion of contemporary Jazz, with influences drawing from Afro Cuban and Native Nigerian Yoruba folkloric Bata drumming styles, along side Mandiga folk and praise songs with a hard bop modal concept and flowing Kora lines, creating a unique sound in African Jazz based music.

Kevin has three Albums out under Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua. Tomorrows path, Ori Ire, Ajo se po (Unity) Haynes has been performing all forms jazz and African Caribbean music for 19 years Ajo se po (‘Unity) is the third album by Kevin Haynes and his Grupo Eleguá, following Tomorrow’s path (1997) and Ori ire (2002). One sense of the title Unity’ is the way Haynes brings together strands of different musical traditions from Africa and the New World

He started his musical career in the eighty’s and ninety’s performing as mainly as a percussionist with such as the Jazz warriors big band, saxophonist Steve Williamson band flutist Phil Bent band. Afro American Jazz drummer the great Clifford Javis his prophets of Jazz The Coutney Pine Band The Dickheckstall smith band, The experience performing with such talented musicians in that period had a profound affect on Kevin’s ideas and his approach to music and started focusing on writing his on unique style of music he started playing alto saxophone a lot and studying more African folklore music and drumming styles trips to the US Africa Cuba followed. Back from his travels Kevin went to the studios to record his first Album with a small French label called native music who went to see Kevin Perform his new music and band Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua at the London Jazz cafe after the show the label were keen to record his band and the journey started from there.

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In 1997 Kevin Recorded his first Album Tomorrows Path with guest artist Clifford Javis a young Robert Michelle on Piano with guest pianist Alex Wilson, Larry Bartley on Double Bass and Nico Gomez Bass and two percussionist Lenny Lawrence and Trevor Kentish

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