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Indie News: Emrhys’ Cooper’s Comedic Drama THE SHUROO RETREAT brings into focus the era of the questionable ‘self guru’

4 Digital Media will release ‘THE SHUROO RETREAT’ on demand on July 25th 20222

4 Digital Media has acquired UK rights to the comedic drama, THE SHUROO RETREAT directed by Emrhys Cooper. The film features Fiona Dourif, Donal Brophy, Tommy Dorfman, Emrhys Cooper, Rainey Qualley, Olivia Sui, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Jeff Hephner, Cornelia Guest, and more. The film was inspired by his family’s experience with Charleton gurus.  

The film was written and produced by Cooper & Brophy, alongside executive producers Zachary Quinto and Jamie Moss for Idyllwild Pictures in association with Incline Productions. Glen Trotiner, Lynn Mancinelli and Benjamin J. Murray will be producing as well.

Cooper’s feature directorial debut follows Parker Schafer (Dourif) a NYC journalist, frustrated with a failing publishing world and a dismal romantic life, who becomes infatuated with a charismatic guru (Brophy) and begins a journey of self-improvement. But as the old saying goes, “beware of false prophets.”

“In my extensive research and personal experiences with New Age trends, I recognised the need to highlight the inherent drama of these scenarios; both the humour of the sometimes outlandish nature of the options available as well as the possible dangers of these “quick fix” weekend retreats. The struggles of each character in the film are challenges the audience will easily relate to because, essentially, my message is that change is possible. I believe the self-help industry is a microcosm of what is happening on the worldwide stage: the media is manipulated by the powerful, truth and fact are perpetually blurred, and people unquestioningly follow whatever trend, however ludicrous, is most pedalled on social media,” said director Emrhys Cooper.

The film is the first release from Emrhys & Donal’s newly formed production company Idyllwild Pictures.

Emrhys Cooper

Emrhys Cooper is an award-winning director, writer, producer and actor who has enjoyed on-screen success in Person of InterestDesperate Housewives, CSI: NY and the film Mamma Mia! He soon ventured into the world of production, which included such accomplishments as the romantic comedy Walk a Mile in My Pradas (Amazon Prime Video) and the dramedy Til We Meet Again (Netflix/Amazon Prime Video). In 2017, Cooper starred in and spearheaded the most widely-released Bhutanese film of all time, Kushuthara: Pattern of Love. Early 2018 marked Cooper’s directorial debut with the critically acclaimed LGBTQ+ short film, Trophy Boy [Cannes Film Festival Official Selection 2018], which is currently in development as a television series. Up next, he’ll be seen Samuel Goldwyn’s recently announced horror thriller, Dreamcatcher. As well as the lead role in the remake of the classic Vampire horror Nosferatu, starring alongside Doug Jones.

Donal Brophy

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Donal Brophy is a writer, producer and actor. Upon moving to the states for college, Donal worked extensively in the New York downtown theatre and independent cinema scene. He took a detour from performing arts to have a rewarding career in the restaurant world, owning and operating multiple businesses for seven years. He decided to return to acting and writing and has earned notable credits including Blue Bloods on CBS, Unforgettable on AMC, the Lifetime Original movie, Savage Revenge, and the critically-acclaimed remake of the Francis Ford Coppola classic Dementia 13. Donal has also been in several recent successful New York stage productions such as The Picture Of Dorian Grey and The Seagull. Brophy now serves as a writer, producer, and actor on The Shuroo Process. Together Emrhys & Donal produced the viral award-winning LGBTQ+ short Trophy Boy(Cannes Film Festival Official Selection), and the upcoming podcast Historical Homos, hosted by Zachery Quinto. Donal is passionate about this opportunity to share the history and stories of trailblazers in the LGBTQ+ community. 

About Idyllwild Pictures

Idyllwild Pictures is an American independent entertainment company founded in July of 2020 by Emrhys Cooper and Donal Brophy. Based in Los Angeles, Idyllwild Pictures specialises in original film distribution and production, focusing on subject areas that are highly entertaining with a thought provoking message. Films explore sexuality, ethnicity, cultural divides, and the fragmented society that we live in today.

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