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CENTRED. J. D. C. I. M Supplements J. D. C. I. M (Just Don’t Call It Menopause)

CENTRED. J. D. C. I. M Supplements J. D. C. I. M (Just Don’t Call It Menopause)

Call it what it is.
Call it Brain Fog.
Call it Hair Loss.

Are you 1 of 5.87 million women experiencing Peri Menopause or Menopausal symptoms?

With a mission to support all women through all stages of their ever-evolving lives through haircare and nutrition – meet CENTRED. J.D.C.I.M Supplements (£32 / 60 capsules) – a unique, targeted blend of performance driven nutrients, specifically designed to support women and address the symptoms they experience before, during and after the menopausal stages of life; including brain fog, fatigue, reduction in bone density and very commonly, hair loss.

Backed by science, this fast-acting formula, packed with a Tri Adaptogen Complex™, has been carefully formulated with a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs to support the hair growth cycle during this hormonal transition, help counteract the effects of stress, increase energy levels, help regulate fluctuating hormone levels and support the immune system for healthier, shinier, stronger hair during menopausal times.

Tri Adaptogen Complex™
Ashwagandha – combats stress and fluctuating hormone levels
Maca – a stimulant for natural hair growth
Aloe Vera – contributes to cell renewal to promote healthy hair growth and shiny hair.
Bamboo Extract – rich in natural Silica, a needed mineral for strong, healthy hair
Vitamin B Complex – for energy production and fights fatigue
Folate – promotes healthy hair growth.

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Directions: Take one capsule every 12 hours (one morning and one evening) to give your body a constant supply of hair boosting vitamins. | @wearecentred
CENTRED. J. D. C. I. M Supplements – £32 / 60 capsules,