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Inspiring Futures 2022 Competition Announces JJ Thompson as a Winner

Inspiring Futures 2022 Competition Announces JJ Thompson as a Winner

The grand finale of the third edition of Inspiring Futures took place and was an overwhelming success. After receiving an extraordinary number of applications, it was extremely difficult to narrow down the field to find an eventual winner. It was acampaign that sought to attract talent and innovation through social entrepreneurship over the last few weeks led by campaign creator and lead Adam Bradford Agency. Inspiring Futures did just that as some of the most amazing young innovators applied for their chance to take home the coveted prize. 

The British Business Group, FedEx Express, and Dan Bolton Creative Management have been active Dubai-based partners throughout the campaign for the Agency. Over 200 enterprises took part in an online pitching process to pitch their ideas as a part of the event. With such a huge level of interest, the final two lucky candidates were remarkably impressive to fend off the rest of the competition and found themselves in an unbelievably close contest to eventually crown a winner. 

After much deliberation, JJ Thompson eventually was deemed by the esteemed judges to be the winner of Inspiring Futures 2022. The judges felt his idea was revolutionary for podcasters around the world. The unsuccessful applicants should not be discouraged however as they can reapply for the next edition of Inspiring Futures having finessed their ideas.

Adam Bradford, Owner, Adam Bradford Agency commented,“We are delighted with how successful the 2022 edited of Inspiring Futures has been. With such an amazing range of applicants, it was extremely difficult for us to narrow down the field and decide on an eventual winner. Giving new entrepreneurs a chance of success has always been a goal of mine and that of Adam Bradford Agency.  After the outstanding success of this year’s event, we are already planning for next year’s campaign which promises to be bigger and better than ever.” 

Gaurav Somwanshi, last year’s winner of Inspiring Futures flew in from India especially for the event. Through his experience of having gone through the process last year, he was acutely aware of what the contestants were feeling leading up to the final announcement. When the contest was narrowed down, the two remaining contestants to take part in the showpiece were Dennis Eriksson with his OneCareer App and JJ Thompson with PodcastNow. 

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Dennis Eriksson’s OneCareer App is a global youth development platform that provides easy and instantaneous access to unlimited opportunities to youths for free.  OneCareer App thrives on promoting youth development and thus, produces and delivers high-quality, value additive educational and capacity building materials. JJ Thompson created PodcastNow which aims to bring revenue to podcasters. This platform allows a no risk aspect for brands to work with podcasters in a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

Laura Crampton, Managing Director Middle East and Africa Marketing at FedEx Express said, “On behalf of FedEx, we are pleased to support this initiative, which matches our commitment to provide logistics solutions to the growing number of entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves in being an ally for small businesses (SMEs), because we know when a small business succeeds, we do too. We look forward to providing SMEs with the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and providing them with expertise to help them grow their business.”