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Taking payments for SMEs: Card Readers

Taking payments for SMEs: Card Readers

When in business everyone needs ways to get their incoming finances – here are the easy steps to faster and easier B2C payments through contactless payments.

Have access to affordable, easy-to-use payment solutions, today!


Business made simple…

Get paid easily, process orders quickly, sell online instantly and manage your money more efficiently. SumUp creates the tools you need to make your business thrive.

Over 3 million businesses benefit from using SumUp.

SumUp’s mission is to empower small merchants across the globe.

SumUp believe that every business should have access to affordable, easy-to-use payment solutions, no matter their size. Back in 2012, SumUp was founded by a small team with one goal in mind – to create a world where small business owners can be successful doing what they love.

Today, over 3 million businesses rely on SumUp to get paid.

SumUp give access to financial services to the millions of businesses that are considered too small for most providers. They’re as much as 10 times smaller than the smallest businesses that would be targeted by banks and traditional providers.

What started out as one card reader has now turned into a range of readers, multiple remote payment solutions such as Invoices, Gift Cards, Payment Links and so much more.

SumUp types:


A low-cost card reader to pair with your smartphone. Its long battery life makes it a great option for busy venues.

Full details here.


A standalone card reader with an intuitive touch-screen. View your sales history and give refunds directly from the device.

Full details here.

3G and Printer

Everything you need to process payments and issue receipts on the go. No smartphone required.

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Full details here.

Get started with SumUp today, here.

Tyl | Natwest

Get started with Tyl today and they will waive your monthly card machine hire fees for the first 3 months. So – are you ready to meet your new payment partner?

From beauty salons to online boutiques, dentists to craft breweries, Tyl is here to help UK businesses like yours. Making it easier for your customers to pay you in a fast, secure way that suits you and them.

At Tyl, they’re determined to give you the easiest, simplest way to take card payments, but as a ‘partner’ Tyl is much more than that.

Tyl want to give you the tools to help manage your business, to help you grow by attracting and keeping more customers and want you to be at the heart of your community’s success and well-being.

Tyl is about enabling card payments with minimum of fuss for you, and the maximum ease for your customers. Tyl is quick and easy to set up, and once you’re up and running you can look forward to next business day settlement and peace of mind. Whether you’re taking card payments face to face, online or over the phone, Tyl have got a solution to blow your socks off.

Get started with Tyl here.

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