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London Coffee Festival CURATED GUIDE: Explore All Things Non-Coffee Related ends 3rd April….

London Coffee Festival CURATED GUIDE: Explore All Things Non-Coffee Related ends 3rd April….

Expect the unexpected at this year’s London Coffee Festival…


The future of energy is PerfectTed! Matcha powder/matcha-powered? Let’s talk about both.

PerfectTed are a plant-based brand behind the UK’s best matcha powder and UK’s first matcha-powered, 100% natural, functional energy drinks!

These fruity drinks come in three flavours, Pineapple Yuzu, Apple Raspberry & Pear Ginger, all containing 80mg of caffeine (for energy) and 80mg of L-theanine (for focus) from matcha green tea. Using real fruit juice, lightly sparkling water, and organic, ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Japan, PerfectTed have created the most delicious, natural energy drinks, free of additives, preservatives & added sugars to power you through your day!

Feelgood Kitchen

Feelgood Kitchen is back for another year of delicious and nutricious ready-made meals. This year with a slightly different, more innovative offering, how exciting does this sound…

There is one area in the world that stands out most for longevity of life, Japan, Okinawa in particular. This area is often called ‘the land of immortals’ and has been a global centre for longevity research with their diets being one of the healthiest in the world. Do you want to know their secret? Potatoes! Purple ones!

Okinawa sweet potatoes’ are a beautiful, deep purple colour which is caused by the antioxidant anthocyanin, the same antioxidant found in blueberries which are often appreciated for its high levels of antioxidants. But get this, Okinawa sweet potatoes contain 150% more antioxidants than blueberries, which makes them a powerful super duper superfood!

Feelgood Kitchen have upped their health game, which was already fighting fit by the way… with a BRAND NEW Japanese Immunity Box, combining all the goodness of the ‘Okinawa potatoe’ with plant based proteins from the edamame bean. Frozen for freshness and always ready when you are. 

At The London Coffee Festival, Feelgood will also be serving their best sellers: Quinoa Con Carne, Thai Green Chicken Curry and the Chickpea & Lentil Tagine. With FeelGood, never skip a healthy meal again! 

Bio & Me

You’ve probably heard by now that looking after your gut health is pretty important – in fact, it’s totally revolutionising what we know about health and wellness. The experts are now saying that taking care of your gut is one of the most effective ways to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. Just think of all that power and potential!

Bio&Me was created by Dr Megan Rossi (The Gut Health Doctor) to be the best ‘good for your gut’ foodie brand. Each of their gut-loving granolas, porridges and mueslis have up to 16 different, plant-based ingredients; their gut-loving yoghurts contain over 700 billion live and active cultures per pot, including two of the worlds most studied cultures BB-12 and LGG, that’s a whole lot of love. Bio&Me makes it easy to enjoy some gut-loving goodness with your morning coffee!

Cold Brew – Conker Spirit

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur (25%) from the wonderful Conker Spirits folks in Dorset, is made with a combination of Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans from Dorset’s Beanpress Coffee Co., both of which have been roasted differently to compliment their flavour profile. By roasting Brazilian beans darker and for longer, it really makes the most of the cacao and caramel flavours, whilst Ethiopian beans are roasted faster and lighter, to bring out the sweetness and natural citrus character.

This Premium Coffee Liqueur is for people who love great alcohol, coffee and care about its impact on the environment and the farmers that produce it. They work with the changemakers in sustainability, to bring the ethics and quality of craft coffee to the cocktail.

Espresso Martini? – With Conker Coffee Liqueur there’s no need to add Coffee or Vodka, just 70ml Cold Brew, 30ml water. We know! It’s delicious too…


Healthy treats for a healthy planet, for our furry friends! Denzel’s dog chews are packed with pure goodness… fresh fruit, healthy fats, antioxidants and fibre that aid healthy digestion and keeps their coat shiny. They use only 100% natural ingredients including real meat or fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. No added salt, grain, sugars or nasties.

Denzel’s eco-friendly snacks are the easiest way to treat your pooch without hurting the planet! All of their snacks come in 100% plastic-free packaging that naturally biodegrades in weeks not centuries (like single-use plastic). Sounds good enough to eat yourself…


MOTH, an abbreviation of Mix of Total Happiness is what it says on the tin (can!), turning any preconceived idea about canned drinks on its head by producing a range of classic cocktails: a margarita, a negroni, an old fashioned, and an espresso martini, placing them in a cool can, and using the highest quality ingredients, all sourced from independent trusted suppliers. 

Rejecting the snobbery that often surrounds premium drinks brands, MOTH embodies the concept of ‘social alchemy’, transforming something bad into something good, well great in fact! Acting as a generous host, it encourages us to share one of life’s most simple pleasures – connecting with each other through conversation and cocktails, without any fuss or formality. Simply brilliant. 

Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam are on a mission to make the world a better place through better chocolate. Chocolate made from ethically sourced cocoa, no palm oil and no dairy. What is your favourite treat from your childhood? Doisy & Dam recreate nostalgic classics, this time without any nasties and proudly produced by a B Corp certified company  – it’s the kind of chocolate you’d take home to meet your mum!

This London Coffee Festival, we can’t wait to show you their Good Eggs (their take on a vegan mini egg), a moreish chocolate covered peanuts and melt-in-the-middle truffles. Delish.

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A new canned wine defying convention! If you’re looking for a canned wine that’s organic, Social Association certified and vegan-friendly too, then Defy is the one for you… 

Defy care about quality as much as they do about taste, focussing on enjoyment with the general ethos of taking the pretension out of wine; “no rocks, no gooseberry or Spring days” as they say. At a push, they’ll say this Pecorino is dry and tart, but that’s about all you’ll get/all you’ll need at this point!

If you love wine but don’t care for the fuss and complexity, you’ve found your match. Grab a cool box, whack in a couple of DEFY cans, and you’re all set.


To CBD or not to CBD that is the question… believe it or not the UK has become the world’s second largest consumer CBD market!

CBD One offers the highest quality, 100% plant-based CBD in a number of different ways. Let us introduce you to the remarkable Hatcha powder, that allows you to convert your beverages, whether that be your coffee, smoothie, cocktails or even baked goods, without affecting the taste! 

CBD is known to be mood-balancing and stress-relieving and with coffee you can feel these effects even after the third or fourth cup, acting as a ying to the caffeine’s yang, keeping you focussed and calm, an irresistible mix. CBD coffee, anyone?

Peters Yard

Peter’s Yard understand that sometimes, good things take time! Everything in their range is made with a 45-year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours. Crafted in small batches without shortcuts or artificial ingredients for award-winning flavour and crunch.
Fancy a snack but worried about your waistline? Don’t be… Sourdough Bites provide a flavoursome alternative to crisps! They’re baked not fried, are under 100kcal per serving and have 60% less fat than regular potato crisps, but don’t worry they don’t lack in taste, all are generously seasoned with natural ingredients for a moreish snack with bold, lip-smacking flavour.

The GUTsy Captain

Kombucha is an ancient drink known in China as “the immortal health elixir”, sounds magical doesn’t it? Get to know The GUTsy Capain kombucha drinks and wave goodbye to artificial ones! Being the largest kombucha brand in Europe, these drinks are 100% authentic Kombucha, all are fermented in a traditional natural way with completely organic, natural ingredients and live bacteria from homegrown SCOBY.

All drinks are Vegan, Halal approved and gluten free. Not only this, you need to try ZERO – the world’s first zero sugar, zero calorie kombucha with all the same great health benefits of the core range, aimed to improve digestion and taste really, really good!

Tea Rebellion

Tea Rebellion has a mission to rebel, raise, and trade tea! Rebel against how it is consumed and acquired. Raise the bar by providing authentic, quality tea. Trade directly with family farms and partners to provide a wholesome business practice. They strive to have relationships with the tea farmers and make sure that their farmers are treated ethically and fairly, this is music to our ears!

Their Authentic Tea Lovers Club is a great way to try a wide range of fiercely authentic teas including small batch, bespoke teas that are getting in stock fresh from their partner tea farmers. A brew? Don’t mind if I do…

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